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LGBT Travel Alert Issued For Mississippi

Following in the Arizona Legislature's footsteps has made Mississippi a risky place for members of the LGBT community to visit, according to GetEqual. Senate Bill 2681, titled the "Mississippi Religious Freedom Restoration Act" (unofficially known as the "Mississippi Returns To Jim Crow Act") has prompted the national LGBT org to issue a travel ban for folks considering a visit to the Southern State. 

GetEQUAL Mississippi alerts those traveling to the state of a continued risk of discrimination based upon sexual orientation and/or gender identity. The State of Mississippi does not currently protect lesbian, gay, bisexual and/or transgender (“LGBT”) people from being legally ejected from their hotel rooms or other places of public accommodation, and is on the cusp of passing legislation that would give business owners even more latitude to legally discriminate against minority groups.

Those who are required to travel to Mississippi are encouraged to take the following precautions:

- Avoid traveling alone in the state.

- Only book travel at hotels which have policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

- Visit only known LGBT-friendly establishments, including restaurants, bars and venues.

- Be aware of your surroundings and adopt other appropriate safety measures to protect yourself while traveling.

GetEQUAL Mississippi will continue to monitor this situation and update travelers as needed.

“This bill is progressing at a very rapid rate, making my beautiful state a potentially dangerous place for anyone perceived as ‘different’ from the right-wing extremists who have crafted this bill,” said Zach Magee, an organizer with GetEQUAL Mississippi and a Mississippi native. “While the LGBT community—including both residents and visitors—will be negatively impacted by this bill, it is also a license to discriminate against any group seen as ‘different,’ including women, racial or ethnic minorities, or immigrants. Religious freedom, in my eyes, does not mean blatant discrimination of any kind—unfortunately, discrimination is a fundamental part of this bill.”


United State Department of State issued a travel alert focusing on every Hotel they are covering the all the tourist. Travelers should review the State Department's LGBT Travel. A social justice organization working for equal rights of gay Texans issued a warning on Tuesday. and issued a special warning for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender travelers. In a document titled “Travel Alert: Russia,” the department.

Read more details about that at :


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The only thing that trumps God by the religious right wing whack jobs is money.  If they start losing enough money, they just may have an epiphany.  I'm sure they will still find anything that doesn't fit into their conception of what should be, hateful.  Nobody cares is they do, if they stop practicing discrimination.  

We're talking about the poorest and 2nd most stupid state in the union (next to WV). I don't think these hicks are concerned with money. The state is a cesspool, and no one that isn't unfortunate enough to have family there even visits. They are trying to push tourism too, which is funny. "Come visit our state!! But only if you think and look like us." 

This is clearly a ploy to try and hurt tourism and scare the politicians into realizing homosexuals have money.  It's not the best tact but it definitely has potential to work.  Just have to hope the politicians are stupid enough, and well if they are passing a law based on religious freedom they must be.  Also always wanted to visit the southern states.  Most movies that take place there interest me a lot. Rich heritage, and historical sites.

We can give first hand accounts of how Mississippi beats from it's own drum..... We lived in Mississippi for the past 13 years and owned a small chain of video stores as well in Mississippi. The religious crazies there destroyed our business, we received death threats, I have been ran off of the road, we were threatened to be burned out of our home, we had one of our homes taken away from us, and this was done all under the guise of "God"! While all of this was happening I have been fighting for my life becasuse I am terminally ill. Mind you, this is a very short and brief explanation of the events that happened but let me tell you, Mississippi is definitely not a welcoming place for the Gay/Lesbian community! My husband and I have been together for 25 years and have lived in some very conservative places before but this state is by far the worse.... When you try to report these illegal things that happen to you, the law enforcement is right in the middle of it as well...... My suggestion is, if you have a chance to visit Mississippi DON'T GO!!!

Who the hell would want to go to Mississippi in the first place?? 

Well I have lived in 5 of the South's biggest cities and I am from here.  Yeah it has it's opportunities, but I have never been so surrounded by people that protect the ones they love.  Give it a chance.. 

Sounds like they're only willing to protect their loved ones as long as everyone's marching to the beat of the same drum...

Really? GetEqual dissing Mississippi? Without presenting the facts? Who's surprised. 

hMeanwhile, some cities & towns in the state are actively fighting against the discrimination (and the ignorant stereotypes that some of you wish to use.)

Yeah?  I'll wait until those cities and towns win their fight against discrimination before considering going there.  By the way, why should I consider going there in the first place.  Like, what does Mississippi have to offer a traveler?? 

Toothless blowjobs. That's about it. 

Really.  The good outways the ignorant.  I live here and will cut a clown.  You can stay with me..

Yes there's a reason to go there - to go and live and fight for change.  Or, you can live in your gay ghetto and badmouth a place you know nothing about, which is admittedly way easier...

Easy to say, SouthernGay, but if you can be ousted from your living situation, if you can't find a job to begin with, if you're treated as completely unwelcome upon arrival . . . makes it kind of tricky to uproot oneself from one's job, friends, family, etc., in other words LIFE, to risk said life in such an environment.  

And for the record, I do NOT live in a "gay ghetto;" in fact, I live in a town in the only SF Bay Area county that voted in FAVOR of prop 8, a town who's bigoted self-righteous mayor went on record as saying that he had been elected to "save his town from the un-Godly" which is one of the reasons I live HERE.  

Please don't jump down people's throats for bad-mouthing a state that is, well, not giving our community a whole of reason to jump up and migrate there.  

Why would anyone, straight or gay, go to Mississippi anyways? There are far prettier places to be lynched, beaten, and drug to your death.

Frankly, the only reason I have for going there is that it is one of the 32 states I HAVEN'T been to yet . . . but this puts it dead last on my list. 

Another reason NOT to go to Mississippi...oh wait are there even any reasons to go there in the first place?

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