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Disney Announces Partnership With "Family Outfest"

Anti-gay bigots ready to boycott Walt Disney World after the company announced it was pulling Boy Scouts funding over its ban on gays can pretty much just give up now and plan to take their kids to the Creationism Theme Park for summer for future summer vacations. (Of course, if boycotters of pro-gay companies weren't hypocrites they would also have a hard time finding out about this new information considering Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and many other media companies support the LGBT.)

Disney World's pro-gay mission continued on Friday when it was announced that the company is a major sponsor of Orlando's "Family Outffest," a "week-long event for gay, lesbian and transgender families set for this summer."

Variety reports:

Family Outfest is set to take place in Orlando, home to popular family attractions including the iconic Disney World, Epcot, Sea World and Universal Studios, during the first week of July. A description of the event states that its mission is “to celebrate the shared cultural heritage of what all families look like, regardless of who you are, how you identify or whom you love.”

The website advertising the event,, lists Disney as a “main partner” along with Nickelodeon Suites Resort, Macy’s and Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista, according to an Orlando TV station.

The station also reported that the event is part of a larger effort to increase spending in central Florida by LGBT families. With over 1,000 families expected to attend, it predicted that the area could receive $2 million in spending.

Thanks for the continued support, Disney!


One Million Moms;  why don't you just go home and sulk?  Your day is over, and it is never coming back!

They have it right !!!!!

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