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Russian Official Says Gays' Hearts Should Be Burned

Talk about turning up the heat on the human rights movement. Dmitri Kisilev, Deputy General Director Of Russian State TV and State Broadcasting Company, has made some outlandishly derogatory statements about LGBT people in Russia. 

Speaking on state owned television, Kisilev dehumanized LGBT Russians to thunderous applause from his TV audience.

"I think that just imposing fines on gays for homosexual propaganda among teenagers is not enough. They should be banned from donating blood, sperm. And their hearts, in case of the automobile accident, should be buried in the ground or burned as unsuitable for the continuation of life."

What are we, vampires?

The applause is nearly as worrisome as the statement. 


(h/t: Huffpo)




I think he should be checked for mental illness!

REally - it is just getting worse there as more and more crazies are emboldened to go crazier and outdo each other.  What a stupid ignorant A##hole.

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