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Tear-Jerking "Marry Me" Video Closes Out Sydney Mardi Gras

Sydney Mardi Gras certainly closed with a bang. The country that brought us the pivotal viral video "It's Time" back in 2011 has done it again with "Marry Me," a look at a gay surfer's modern day quest for love set against breathtaking backdrops and a soundtrack of Macklemore's "Same Love." Does a succession of hookups pay off for our star? Grab a tissue and click play on the video that was created to close out Sydney Mardi Gras 2014 over the weekend to find out!


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Just curious...The people who are complaining that the actors in this video are "unrealistic" because they are "perfect, young, beautiful models."  Yet, you say that the video should have been made with "average, fat ugly people."  And those who say they cannot find love and there isn't someone for everyone...Is it because you look to "catch" those beautiful model-looking people who might just not be interested in you, so you think you will not get someone because these people have no interest in you?  Have you taken your perfect-male glasses off and just tried to find someone with whom you have a lot in common?

So what that this video has attractive actors in it.  Did watching it distract you from the real message in it?  If you stop looking and accept the person you are, people will  be attracted to the real you,  Even if that is not the official message, it is what I got out of it.  Stop attacking people for their actor choices.  Attractive people have to work,

Beauty is, as they say, in the eye of the beholder,  Stop looking for superficial people and you will find someone to have a deep and loving relationship with.

So says the man in a loving relationship for the past 23 years...

Cool video guys 

This truly is a beautiful  video. good luck and long life to both of you LOVE CONQUERS ALL ADVERSITY.....

cool song

My God that was one of the most beautiful videos I ever saw, wow.

Como se llama La cancion Del vídeos es Contacto fina 

OMG this video is so beautiful! It is just so real like what a lot of people actually getting through, been looking for true love and just gotta get through ups and downs because you gotta meet many of Mr. Wrongs first before you're gonna actually meet your Mr. Right. I love the video so much and the soundtrack Same Love is just perfect! Beautiful job

Ps: I shed a tear

this was awesome... its like most of us dream a life like this...

Has anyone seen the best seller on relationships?  I don't think so.  The whole point being that there is not "guide" to a perfect relationship.  There is so much more at play than the trials, tribulations, and surface matter.  That's just life.  The message is that everyone should have the ability to freely, openly, and most of all, lovingly be able to be with whom they choose.  Was your first date perfect?  Did you end up marrying them?  Likely not.  Like anything else in life, it takes honesty, open communication, passion, determination, and love to make a relationship work.  No matter if it is at the beginning, middle, or end, of the relationship journey.  Marriage is commitment and so many other things that could take weeks to describe and words mean nothing without the action to follow.  I wish nothing but happiness for those that want to be committed and get married.  Every individual has the right to be treated equal, with dignity, respect, and accepted for who they are.  After all, you are not living his/her life. Everyone is going to have differences as the world we all live in, is far from perfect.  

The next time you say you're going to do something; make a vow, a pledge, a promise, a suggestion, just keep your word and follow through with the action.  If someone starts off with hate (in any form), don't expect miracles to happen and for you to be treated as superior.  Hate is taught, not a birth right or trait auto programmed. What to be a better person...only you can do something about it and take the first step forward to make that change happen. 

What comes around, goes around and usually, it's not how you would expect it to be.  Good, bad, or indifferent.  If you step forward and are positive, the reception and return of your good intent is usually more effective and memorable.  Everyone has different belief's, morals, standards, acceptability, etc.  If everyone was the same, how dull would that be?  Be glad that everyone is different.  Everyone can learn something from someone.  

Put one foot forward and without reason, do or say something nice to someone while you can.  Nothing and no one lasts forever.  If you don't seize the opportunity to make a difference, the opportunity may never present itself again.  If you surround yourself with negativity, you can not expect positive results to occur.  

I have read many o f tkinne comments, and how many have such negative comments, to young, pretty, muscled, tanned, not ugly, poor, etc., etc., etc. I did not come out until I was 30. Two straight marriage, 1 short as she perished in a car accident, and  the other divorce. Had two gay relationships one ending in his suicide from alcohol. I am not handsome, rich, am 72, try to keep healthy, met a man 18 years my junior, together 19 years, now married, no one is happier and excepted by family and friends. So please be kind even if you are not happy.

very nice!

still waiting for my night in glittery Armour :)

That was beautifull
We should all remember that love is out there
Be patient

Awesome video.....

Are you fucking kidding me? He was being depressed because of that shit; let me tell you what is depressing: you're gay, you live with an abusive and father who's into drugs and a mother who's on depression pills; and you live in a neighbourhood where 'everyday is a great day 'cause it might just be your last day'; growing into that shit made me fucked up; I no longer wanted to live, there wasn't a day when it didn't stop, and you can't get used to this kind of BS. This got into my body; I started working, I ate the hell of what I could, became obese, nobody did give a shit to me due to my body; lost my weight, looked quite good, got myself some ailment, that I have been living with for years; I'm nearly, always everyday fighting for myself and my sanity; I'm 25 and I haven't been with a guy, ever in my life, forget about even having slept with one: this is just about me; everyone has a story to tell, it can be that this guy was really suffering for being unloved, and I know that it hurts a lot, but... Anyway, what I really want to say, is that it should be closer to the real deal; not all gay guys look that hot, we have work, we study, we have family, friends, social circles, and so on... 

mate each of us has his/her own struggles.  there is nothing that can cover on all of our issues in one piece, but one piece can help us reflect on our own issues.. I cant judge how difficult are things for you and you cant judge how difficult are things for me, for my weaknesses and yours are different therefore, our coping mechanism will be different too.  I wish you all the best mate!

So what if the models are good looking geez stop with the so called superficiality and the "unrealisticness" of the whole clip. They are hoping to inspire people and not put people down. And there was a racist comment tuning the fact that the actors were white so what! Stop making a big deal out of every little damned thing. They chose a locale and some models who are above average in the looks department. So damn what. It may happen to you and may not and you may find true love you may not blah fishpaste. Just enjoy and see yourself and others in their position or no-one for that matter.

Two perfect men "finding each other". How...lovely. I'd like to see them when they're old, fat and incontinent. Oh, wait. Gays don't talk about that side of life, do they?

Yes, we do.  I am almost 64 and my partner is 56.  Still together.  Hair loss, weight gain and some medical problems.  We still love each other very much.  So, don't spout off Sick_Of_It because you don't know what you are talking about. 

Gee.. Can't imagine WHY "Sick_Of_It" hasn't found someone.. What a negative, nasty bitch.
Been with the same guy for 11 years.. Not in as good of shape as when we met, we look older.. WE ARE OLDER.. and we're still in love. Possibly get along so well because we don't have the pissy attitudes evident on this thread.

of course we do.. but I would imagine the story line for maturer men would be different.  

for the record, I have not seen much of old straight people's lives being discussed publicly - so it is not about gay / straight, but general culture of shoving old people to the side and trying to rid of them, this is displayed greatly by government policy everywhere in the world.  definitely an issue that needs more awareness.  you need to remember the audience that this clip was intended to so that things are taken in proportion.  no ne claims that this clip covers on all issues faced by any one person, it is about love and a personal interpretation of love and sequel of events around it... every person in the world has his/her own experience and life journey, they are bound to be different, but on a general level we could agree that we all went through these phases; lost, despair, being used, losing the plot, but then also taking responsibility of your own action and life, getting back on track, finding love, being happy... lets not be fixated on the character but the msg..

I'd would have much preferred living in a world that did not need to have a debate about love! but a world that is operated by and through love.


This was beautiful. I loved it and it warmed my heart. i love my community.

This video did not need to be re-made. The original was perfect. 

why they never use normal everyday people? there is such a bad obsession to sexualize and stereotype everything, just focusing on that tiny minority its not real and very boring....

honestly give us some real people not a couple of model gym gay porn type with bleach teeth fake tan a plastic steroid the vivid example how a nice message can become another pretty boring cliche' crap....

Here, here!! Well said! This is just another attempt to sell their magazine by using the "pretty" people.

I agree with your sentiment completely.    In the Gay Community, no one seems to count but that sacred few who are "perfect."    That's one reason that Richard Dreyfus, Mark Ruffalo, Gary Oldman, and a few others are my favorites among straight actors.   They are largely average-looking guys with tremendous acting skills, who have made it in a tough field that is filled with low talent pretty boys.


The people are so fake/actors.. And, its very very difficult to find a LTR in the gay world.

Both of the guys should of been older, and less "pretty boy".

This video just enhances that you have to be hyper-masculine, in under to find someone.

That is the message that I get from a lot of gay-oriented films.   If you aren't good-looking, and masculine, you won't be successful as a gay man.

Essentially the message here is that in order to find somebody you must:

  • Live by a beach and do nothing all day but swim and surf in the Ocean
  • Exercise 3-4 hours a day, every, day minimum
  • Date exclusively people with minimum  6 packs
  • Forget about looking just "normal", having a "normal" body or actually a real job where you have to be in an office 8-9 hours a day
  • Exclusively hang out with people who look like they have popped out of a fashion magazine

This is so annoying.................

Actually speaking as a masculine gay man, I am glad they showed guys like this. Every gay film or gay character on television I have seen, (besides the odd 1 or 2) is portrayed as a fashion-loving, wrist flipping, diva walking boy. I was starting to get irritated at the fact that there are more types of gays out there than just the flamboyant ones.. <sigh> Nobody will every just be "happy" for something. Always negativity.   

if you cant grasp a msg from a story you have some real issues my friend!

in order to find love you need to be in touch with yourself in whatever you do , regardless of how you look etc.....

get real! I just cant believe how much insult to human intelligence

 you can put in one paragraph! only goes to show how shallow you are!

You're the one that needs to "get real"! When was the last time you saw one of these videos featuring an overweight, gap-toothed hairy man "finding someone", regardless of how "in touch" they were? Please! It will never happen.


actually I am a gap toothed, hairy, average body looking man and I went through similar events as in the clip... and I found love in the same spot I walked through everyday... except it did not happen until I learnt to love myself first.  

you are focused on the looks rather than concept. in a way this is my life story... and personally, I dont think these guys are hot, but ordinary, the only difference is while I am more than delighted to eat McDonald's and Pizza, they choose to eat Salad and other healthy food options.  you dont propose that we start discriminating against people for choosing to live healthy, do you?  lets just be positive in our lives, the empty half of the glass is always horrible, but if we focus on the full half, we can certainly be happier and reach better places.  one last point, we seem to think that people who look good dont have problems, but they do... they are simply like us all. in a funny way the ygly and the beautiful suffer from same discrimination for the opposite reasons; people avoid the ugly ones because they are ugly and dont want to be seen with them but also avoid the beautiful ones because they think they are not good enough to be seen with them... how about we learn to hang around people we get along with?  thats how I choose to form my relationships... looks dont matter to me at all!  my friends are young and old, beautiful , average and ugly, gay and straight, men and women, fortunate and less fortunate... they are my friends simply because we get along and stimulate each other.. and we are a fucken happy bunch of mixed crowd and none of us feel inadequate in any way...

cheers mate

I very much get the concept here - young and pretty sells. Old and ordinary does not. It honestly doesn't matter how much one loves one's self (regardless of what RuPaul says) there is not "someone for everyone" and many gay men simply fade into the background the older and more ordinary they get. All these little anecdotes that we tell ourselves to placate ourselves are worthless. Be real - people who do look good have significantly less problems than those who have to struggle through social situations, fade in at social gatherings and who don't get a second glance.

I'm very glad that you can co-exist among the pretty people. Not all of us are as lucky as you.

completely disagree with you. people who simply hate the rest, they will discriminate and make them feel bad regardless of who they are.  Look at Princess Diana, she had it all but suffered most from last of love and being lonely all the way to her death.  I'd be careful with not making such generalisations.  so many people fade, but that is mostly because they accepted to fade - i refuse to fade and my moto in life is that when I die the world is going to miss out on something amazing that is no longer around! this secures that I never cave in to social injustices but always fight for them.  the only things that scares me in life is to accept the "social norms" that we are told to be right and try to fit in them.  I am what I am, I am who I am, and I am not anyone else... never faded and will never fade even if I will be 200KG ugly toothless and hairless (head) hairy elsewhere man, I will still be fabulous.. this should be everyone's attitude in life.. 

Your reply is a good one, it is a shame that they give the impression that it is only the "beautiful" people that live out the "dream" and not that we can all have the "dream" but, don't just dismiss it either, it is a great sentiment. It should still be applauded, it should have just been a bit more "down to earth" as to what "average" life really is.

The message is positive. But you're right. Most of us don't look like these guys. It's a pretty package, just not very believable.

What a bunch of hypocrites.. If they showed two ugly fat guys, you'd be complaining about that....

Sounds like someone is too shallow to look beneath the beauty and see the message underneath. Or are you saying beautiful people don't deserve love like everyone else?

.....or Alex, is the message "Only beautiful people deserve love?"
Sounds as if you're the one who might be shallow.

Someone's a bitter betty.

 Why is it when someone tells an unpleasant truth, they're "bitter"?

Why is it when someone has something distasteful and ignorant to say, they label it an "unpleasant truth"

The gay community continues to focus on beauty....I seriously doubt this video would be popular with the "gays" if they had two average looking gentleman. Minus the abs, tan, nice hair and perfect teeth....

Absolute garbage...

That's basically all the Australia I've ever seen. Granted, I was there in December for the Christmas holiday... everyone was at the beach and looked like a fashion model. :P 

I love it.. It's really good video I hope the guys are happy with each other still today and have the "Same Love" for each other.. 

I'd always thought I'd marry my soul mate. He was the one for me. I didn't want him at first  after coming out of a very volatile relationship. Yet, it was the first time I had actually fallen in love deeply. I wanted him to be my last and for us to last. When he went off to work,my heart cried because it missed him so much.When he returned home, I didn't want to let him go. I enjoyed being by his side.He made me feel alive every day.  I could be myself around him.I was going to propose to him on a beach on his birthday two years ago. He left me to go find himself and ended up with another. No matter where our lives take us. No matter whom we meet. I will always  be in love him.

I'm in the same boat, Rick. If our soulmates are truly our soulmates, we will both end up with that person. It kills me to see him with another guy .. I still love him, just wish he could see it. Good luck on your venture of life buddy ;)

Thanks Clayton.I know how you feel. Looking I wonder if he used me or even loved me at all the way he easily threw us away and wnet on his own after three years and without any signs

for what its worth Rick, I know your pain


I am grateful for all the men and women who fought for our rights and for my husband and me to live our dream and get married at the Lincoln Memorial.  In the shadow of where Martin Luther King spoke, two men said "I do!".

i appreciate the message though.. hope ill find my first and last.. if we cud only be with our first and last so will not be hurt and hurt somebody's feelings. should i still believe that my first wud be my last? should i find my true love or wait for it?

Stop looking for it. The only way to really have true love is for it to find you. Just live, be happy, be yourself and when you meet the right person work together to make your relationship to be the absolute best that it can be. And above all else, be honest and don't ever let your pride deprive you of a wonderful relationship =)

There is still hope even for me ... lovely movie :)

we cannot and should not be defined by our being in a relationship. it is our ability to stand alone (through loving ourselves first) that will make us complete and thus equipped to deal with such an arduous (albeit beautiful) task of being coupled. this video promotes the concept of "seek till you find", which is highly unlikely to yield sensible and fruitful results in the long term. why does gay liberty have to mean that we have to subscribe to high school girl fantasies of what love is (something that had been imposed on high school girls by society!). we shook the world to understand that we exist, that we are different, that things aren't simple and straightforward. can't we take the next step against social conformity and seek personal improvement which only might result in a great relationship. besides is the fact that everyone in the video is hot which is fluffy and unrealistic... let's not conform, let's help the world truly be the better place. leave the cheap romantic stories to the hallmark channel.

I dont think there is any conformity here!  the good looks of the cast or not is very personal - I dont feel that they are hot or anything special - they are simply people who were willing to cooperate on this project in a matter of few hours!  there is nothing wrong with romance - some have killed it but it has nothing to do with high school girls or any other trash... it can be a way of life, as this is definitely how I live on a daily basis - my life is full with romance and it is beautiful!

if you are not romantic, that is your way and no one can tell you how to go about love, but to tell others that they cant be romantic is very disrespectful!

finally, what is the go with discrimination against people who look after themselves? people were on the clip based on merits and trust me you would want to have them as your mates as they are the most down to earth genuine people I have ever met! they are real people who just did not let themselves be unhealthy.  and considering that there is a worldwide awakening towards being fit and healthy, it is a matter of time that more and more people will look like this! you cant really say that being healthy is "fluffy and unrealistic"  

boo the fucking hoo life gets hard for beautiful caucasian gay male too!

Tired of racist comments so what if they're white. Ther are tons of shows and messages and entities exclusive to back people, to asian people and to Indian people. Lets stop the racist bull and admit it if someone said anything about the hypothetical possibility that the actors were asian someone would have made a comment or if they were middle eastern someone would have complained if they were indian someone would have complained if they were black someone would have complained. I f it was a ginger someone would have complained if they were not good looking there would have been evern MORE complaints so all of you guys and girls or whoever stop complaining about every single aspect and so what if you see it as tacky romantic comedies are tacky and romances and dramas are tacky they are just making it accessible they are highlighting issues and problems that people find themselves stuck in. Csting locale and story is irrelevant.

It's nice to see videos like this so widely accepted. Unfortunately, the only reason many people are even willing to watch it is because it features tall, dark-haired, white, butch gay men. You have to start somewhere, though. Right?

177cm is not a tall person!  the tallest guy was the Black dude all the rest were 170-177cm..:)


Tired of racist comments so what if they're white. Ther are tons of shows and messages and entities exclusive to back people, to asian people and to Indian people. Lets stop the racist bull and admit it if someone said anything about the hypothetical possibility that the actors were asian someone would have made a comment or if they were middle eastern someone would have complained if they were indian someone would have complained if they were black someone would have complained. I f it was a ginger someone would have complained if they were not good looking there would have been evern MORE complaints so all of you guys and girls or whoever stop complaining about every single aspect and so what if you see it as tacky romantic comedies are tacky and romances and dramas are tacky they are just making it accessible they are highlighting issues and problems that people find themselves stuck in. Csting locale and story is irrelevant.

Love the message but the video was kind of tacky.

muy lindo las personas que aman si existen

that was so sweet.  It makes me know that sometimes it can work.

it's not even about gay or straight....words words's about the word's a word to....but at least it shows what life is remember the word LOVE!

Tears. Wish that would happen to me.  


There are a great number of gay men who NEVER find love.   (Possibly the majority...)  While your message is hopeful, Jorge, it is fundamentally unrealistic.   I wish I had a fucking nickel for every time someone has said, "There is someone for everyone" to me.   I am now 57.   Still waiting...but without much hope.   I moved on and am trying to set up a life without love.   There is NOT "someone for everyone" because mainstream society, religion, family, and the Gay Community itself, get in our way, along with "chance and circumstance." 

Yes, Australia has ''done it again'', I just wish our Government would see what most Australians see in these videos, two people in love... it's that simple.

While I applaud this Australian, I urge caution about romanticizing or idealizing Australia as ultra liberal on the issue of homosexuality, because there are parts of Australia solidly opposed to it.  It also is not strictly about "love".  It also is about sex, plain and simply.  I suspect that many of the straight folk who are so strongly opposed to gay sex in some respect crave what we have.  I came out with my first partner 47 years ago this summer, and I have never loved another man as I loved him (and, still do).  We remained very close, non-sexual friends until he died in 1996.  I really wish people would just leave us alone; stop making us the topics of conversation and the objects of curiosity.  Soon to be 70, I remain delighted that I am homosexual and still thrill at the sight of a beautiful man.

Sorry to hear about what happen to your partner..Me too, I love this.And I like what your comment is..And that is true.

Thank you.  We were together 8 years.  Yet, our bond of friendship never stopped even for a moment.  We were "young" lovers when we met; he had just turned 19 and I was about to turn 24.  What we shared was precious; a deep, deep love and an extraordinary sexual appetite that we sated regularly!

You are so right, we all know we are sexual creatures, sex is sex, between consenting adults there is nothing like it. What the issue/problem is, when any person/law/Government /Church tries to infer/insist that, as long as you are straight... you are a sexual creature, your sex life is your business and your human, I don't care what goes on is someone's bedroom, I just care that basic Human Rights are being ignored on one hand and used as leverage on the other. Here in Australia we make a lot of noise about Equality, but we are still living with the last Generations ideas of morality, until we live in the present day, nothing is going to change. One day no one will have the  to ''come out'' because there will be no reason to fight for recognition of ones sexuality, one day we can just celebrate every humans unique diversity. I am not Gay, I do have people in my life that I love and respect that are and if I just sit by and not support them, I might as well walk away from them now. They don't have to put up with not being loved, for who they are.

Thank you for your very insightful and thoughtful message.

Beautifully said!

Thank you so much! 

I salute you buddy!

Thank you so much!

loved this video............

Those two are from a web series called Horizon third season, weird seeing them in different roles but its still good.

Beautiful, I cried.Wish we all, gay or straight could find this kind of love.

Aww.reminds me of me.true love will win out every time.

Thank you

cool video  i liked it a lot. i am not gay, but i support anyones choice to be gay. you loveing another person is not causing me any harm. to each is own  and good luck

everyone deserves to be loved and to be happy

Being gay, I appreciate your support and acceptance. I wish everyone held your progressive thinking. I just need to point out that I DID NOT choose to be gay. I chose to love and accept myself, then share the real (gay) me with my friends, family and co-workers. Being gay is no more a choice than being straight.

This is a beautiful video, but please do not endorse smoking. 

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