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Cher's Duet With Lady Gaga "The Greatest Thing" Leaks

"The Greatest Thing," a collaboration with Lady Gaga (produced by RedOne) that Cher has talked about for YEARS, has leaked today. Was it worth the wait?

Apparently, Lady Gaga didn't think it was the "greatest thing." Plans were made for the song to be the lead single for Cher's upcoming album, but Gaga allegedly gave a thumbs down (paws down?) to the track, successfully having it removed from the release. 

But we still get to fill our ears with "The Greatest Thing" today (though Cher says it's not the final version). 

UPDATE: Cher's OUTRAGED that someone in her camp leaked the unofficial version of the song:

It's been a bad summer for low quality leaks!

Heart or hate the long-awaited (but not finalized) duet between Cher and Gaga, Instincters?


What a rousing anthem!

Love it! So very Cher.

I has potential. 

I dig it. I can't wait to hear the final version.

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