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Macho Dude Showers With Summer's Eve In Controversial New Commercial

The fact that Summer's Eve has produced a ballsy & pretty-blatantly sexist commercial for TV-viewing females has left forums on the Internet in quite the broil. While folks bicker over the subtext of the new TV spot, we'll just sit here, taking it all in as the hunky actor showers with a feminine product, wondering why a pesky makeup mirror isn't allowing us to take it in even more.

This one might actually make the heads of One Million Moms explode as they try to figure out what they hate most about it!

What do you think of Summer's Eve's new commercial?






Controversial? Wut?!? To who?!?! Lol. I'm sickened further and further by today's web losers.

People need to get over themselves. To all the people whimpering about this commercial and purported "gender" issues... I wonder if you were dropped? Probably intentionally.

How pathetic. 

I just saw it for the first time and laughed so loud my wife had to come see what I was laughing about. I immediately googled it so I could show her as well as save it.  To my absolute shock - I found some miserable old lonely souls actually found a way to cry about such a light hearted commercial.

Do us all a favor. End your life now. The world will undoubtedly be a better place.

I agree 100% with Klepp, its funny and I'm a gay married man!

Who is the band singing in the back ground?

His name is Sam Anderson.

He closely resembles Charlie haas the wwe wrestler

Who is this guy?? He's so freakin' hot!! 

god i wish the PC brigade would take a holiday.  This ad was hilarious, and while it plays on the stereo typical sexism of gender roles, it is in no way sexist ... it is brilliant!

Has anybody who this actor is? Cause shoot he got me watching commercials lol

I don't have a v. I have a vagina. 

It comments on sexism, but isn't "sexist" itself. It clearly recognizes the absurdity of the situation.

For a woman's "V?" That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard. 

Yea, but they left out the strap-on she still uses on him.

I thought it was funny especially at the end when she says"That was close" mockingly!!

I thought it was funny especially at the end when she says"That was close" mockingly!!

I think it's clever and acknowledges the absurdity gender roles - good ad.

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