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First Look: Grant Gustin As 'The Flash', Full Suit Revealed!

Updated Thursday at 4:00 p.m. PST

The team behind The Flash posted some new images of the superhero in action on Twitter! We're thinking we're going to need some video soon to get the full effect!

What do you think, Instincters?


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We're suckers for superheroes--or men in uniform in general, so we've been eagerly awaiting the full reveal of Grant Gustin as The Flash. The actor will take on the title role in the CW's The Flash this fall. 

Here's our first look at the full costume

What do we think??


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I need a tight suit, muscles, and a reason to be saved!! This isnt the look for me.

He looks remotely Power Rangerish and a lot like Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man

Liked the suit from the series best...This looks anything but speedy...looks to me the took burgundy grandpa shoes an re purposed the leather. The color is off putting and dull. It says a lot of things but "FLASH" is not one of them.

Give me the old-fashioned red lycra any day over this mess. It looks like 70's-vintage maroon naugahyde. YUCK!!

Half of you are fucking morons.

.....who designs this stuff?   All that texture, and then you have to put curlicues on top of it??   Ditch the lightning on the belt, and the buckle too...   They got it right with Arrow....simple, unadorned.   I bet the designer that did this is the same one that did that LOUSY Wonder Woman outfit for Adrianne Palicki.

Looks like an old man suit and kept in pyramids chambers for thousand of years. Severely Lame! Sorry.

Oh! It looks like ROBOCOP! Just the teenager

looks more thrashy than flashy

I like it, true to the Flash but more realistic, and looks hot - just want to see it in motion yet! (And hopefully we'll get a better look at what Grant's packing then)

Why do they think they have to change it up. The suit is supposed to be red.

This flash suit looks super sloppy. Not impressed at all.

Where's the bulge?

Its ok.nice

Not impressed.

Two thumbs up

Shouldn't the inside of the circle be white?

Looks nice. 

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