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Video: Aaron Carter Blesses Chicago Market Days With Comeback (?) Performance

Not to be outdone by Steve Grand, Aaron Carter also took the stage this weekend at Chicago's Market Days.

The superstar(?) hitmaker(??) blessed the crowd with a performance of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" and a shirtless cover of "Get Lucky." There's also an obligatory crotch grab. 

"Aaron's Party," indeed.


(H/T: Queerty)



the more important : is he a good singer ?

he looks hung like a horse in some pics

he was in out magazine,, and seen having sex with a guy,, no lie,, its true.. i have him on a porn CD i have at home.. n no its not photo shopped it is him.. he is takin it up the bum.. i would love to sing in his meat microphone

really,can u give me the site of that video? sounds interesting,,...

Robin Thicke should sue.

This guy just needs to carry his brothers bags and get paid and please stop making peoples ears bleed. I know better singers at the Karaoke Bar on the strip. It's really sad that Chicago paid for that or asked a sponsor to bring  him in. Please make better choices for Chicago and it's patrons for Market Days. Maybe they should do a survey and ask the people who they would like to maybe bring in. 

who is this idiot?

Mabe he should just go back to being a boy toy for men, because that were he started!

He looks hung like a horse in some pics

what a loser - his whole set was made up of other artists' songs?!?

It looks like he has to go to the bathroom.

So has Baby Bubba come out of that damn closet yet or is he STILL doing the Pussyfoot?

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