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Olympic Sailors Sail Naked After Reaching 1,500 Facebook Likes [NSFW]

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What will Spanish sailors Onán Barreiros and Juan Curbel give us fans if they reach 5,000 likes on Facebook? 

The Olympic sailing duo hoping to compete at Rio's Summer 2016 games promised fans they'd get naked if they hit 1,500 Facebook Likes. Facebook fans spoke, so Barreiros and Curbel answered with a naked sailing excursion around the Canary Islands. 

Gorgeous scenery, don't you think?

Also, who's starting the petition for naked sailing to become an official Olympic event?



The Olympics should be preformed in the original: naked. Damn the Polly Prissypants; let the clothing fly!

Need to be more like the original Olympians...EVERYBODY, needs to compete Nekkit!!!!

Superbly amazing! I love it!

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