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Brazilian Soccer Player Alex da Costa: It's Not Anti-Gay To Believe Being Gay Is Wrong

Brazilian soccer player Alex da Costa has been pretty vocal in his belief that homosexuality is wrong, but he wants to make it clear that that doesn't mean he's homophobic.

Gay Star News writes:

Speaking to Swedish paper Expressen, he said his views are not homophobic.

‘God says one should love all people for what they are,’ he said.

‘We love everyone but do not like those who do not stand for what the Bible says. But this is not about homophobia.

‘I don't agree that it is OK that a man lives with another man and a woman with a woman. That is my view. We don't agree.

‘At the same time everyone is free to do what they want. Everyone has freedom.

‘This is easy for me to explain. If you don't agree with me and what I believe, and what the Bible says, then that is up to you.’

Da Costa also said back in January that "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Yves," which, while cute in terms of word play, really isn't helping his case. 

What do you think, Instincters? Is there a distinction between believing being gay is "wrong" or "bad" and being anti-gay or homophobic?



this is still bigotry, wrapped in a sugar coating. which is fine.  you have the right to believe what you want. however don't lie to yourself and the public saying it's not anti-gay, because it is. can't have it both ways...

If he believes being gay is wrong, then he shouldn't be gay.  But, how can he condemn other people for being born that way?

I don't agree with black, brown, or white people. They are free to be whomever they want, but I don't agree with their lifestyle. But please don't call me racist. I'm not racist!

^^ How stupid does that sound?

Homosexuality is natural, attraction to the opposite sex is natural, and natural just as being attracted to the same sex. You have species on this planet that can reproduce on their own, and some that literally go through sex changes. It's in nature, it's natural, and it has been around. As far as religion goes, saying it's the word of God. I say until I hear it from God saying "it is a sin." Then I have sinned for being attracted to the same sex. As for the bible? That book has been manipulated and rewritten throughout history. There are parts I do believe in, but some parts I shall wait until God returns and proves me wrong. Not a bunch of groupies. Until then...there is nothing wrong with homosexuality, God created me as a homosexual. If it was a sin? I would not have been a homosexual. 

Southern whites and South Africans used the bible to justify their belief in the subjugation of blacks. They were still bigots. Your religious beliefs create your bigotry most of the time. Its time to change your religion and open your mind.

He is plain and simple a bigot. Oh and the Bible is purely fictitious as well.

These morons will say "Bible this" and "Bible that" when it comes to gay stuff; but they never seem to discuss other aspects in it like not eating shellfish, not wearing clothes made of two fabrics, not sleeping in the bed of a woman who's had her period and you must kill any child who curses it's parent. Well, says it in the bible. What are you waiting for, Sir? Sounds like your just a hypocrite using his religion as a reason to hate on people - not because these are your "beliefs". Sure would be great if Jesus did come back just to slap you for it.

I believe most (but not all) Christians have historically believed that the Mosaic laws you refer to applied to the ancient Israelite nation and were superseded by the coming of Christ. (Certainly the Mosaic law on divorce was explicitly repudiated by Jesus, although there is even disagreement on what the new rules are there--i.e., whether adultery is a legitimate ground for dissolving a marriage)

I'm not advocating that view or what appears to be yours, which is to say, that a good Christian should condemn homosexuality AND avoid shellfish. I'm saying it's a more complicated theological issue than it may appear to someone who reduces it to a childish game of "Gotcha!"

I think he's mad that no guy has hit on him. 

I agree that you aren't phobic if you don't agree with something. But by virtue of the fact that he is so vocal about it and has repeatedly been quoted stating that he's against the gay lifestyle, and uses the bible as a crutch, suggests that he's a big ol' homophobe. 

If I said being str8 is wrong, str8s would accuse me of being str8phobic. 

Yes it is, idiot

I agree. You can't knock someone's belief or their foolishness. As long he treats people fair. I am personally ok with his belief. Because at one point in my life I shared those same beliefs. And today I am married to man. 

Yes there's a distinction. If it is against your religious beliefs, or personal morals, that homosexuality is wrong more power to you and stand by your beliefs; however, there's a line that gets crossed when sharing your personal beliefs becomes "tell everyone that i'm right and they're wrong". Morals and personal beliefs are a PERSONAL thing, just like homosexuality is. Have your beliefs, enjoy them, that's what America is for, but don't force your beliefs on someone else because you think you have the right. And this is coming from a 25 year old gay man that has been out since he was 12.

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