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Indianapolis Bakery Refuses To Make Cake For Same-Sex Couple

Jesus' love in fundamental Christian owners continues to spread.

Finding themselves in hot water, the family behind 111 Cakery in Indianapolis, Indiana released a statement on Friday explaining its decision to discriminate against gays in their public business practice. 

It reads [sic]:

We have made it our commitment to treat every person that walks through the door with Respect & Kindness. It is important to know that we have never refused to do business with any person based on who they are or what they believe. As Christians we have a sincere love for people.

As artist we must find the inspiration to create something special for our clients. When asked to do a cake for an occasion or with a theme (alcohol explicit in nature) that is in opposition to our faith, that inspiration is not found. We feel that it is important for a paying customer to know when this is the case. Why would you want a cake that is less then inspired for your special event. That is why this week we told a man that requested a cake for a same sex ceremony that it was against our policy but we would be happy to help him with anything else. It was not that we wanted to deny them a cake it’s just tough to create something that goes against your beliefs. Was this the right thing to say? Maybe not but this phone call caused us to do a lot of soul searching because we want to be right with our God as well as respect others. We have not heard from this man but would welcome a chance to meet with him. We sincerely wish them the best.

Please know that there is zero hate here. We are not judging the lives of our clients. We are not trying to make a political statement or change someone’s mind. We respect the fact that everyone has different values and believes. Everyone is entitled to their opinion we would encourage you to share those in a respectful way. We have happily done cakes for gay people, as well as people with different believes. We are just a small family business trying to bring happiness with cake. You may criticize this response but realize it is sincere and from the heart not a letter drafted by an attorney. We thank our friends, customers and others in the community for your support.
The McGath Family

Indianapolis only prohibits discrimination in employment based on sexual orientation.

Messages have been filling up 111's Facebook page since Wednesday, most of which seem to oppose the bakery's decision to refuse to serve a gay couple. We reached out to 111 on Thursday for comment on the story and did not hear back by press time. 


I find it rather amusing, so totally religious opportunism, they're twisting things so far it can't any worse, and beneath all that crappy talk there's nothing, absolutely nothing but sheer and total homophobia. 

If they claim to be that sincere, they ought to put up a sign in the window that reads, "We do not accommodate gay wedding cakes", in the spirit if being honest and all. Then see how much business they get.  Who cares about this store anyway? Why not give our gay dollars to another store? That should be the new trend: Bakeries that have signs that read, "We love and respect ALL our customers; we will be happy to make everybody's wedding special!" That is who needs to profit from our ceremonies not small minded bakers.

I hesitate to even call them bigots because they seem to be victims of a brain washing religion.  As the saying goes, Good people do good things and bad people do bad things, but for good people to do bad things, that takes religion.

Obviously they're trying to milk the "sincerely held religious beliefs" nonsense for all its worth and to ingratitude themselves with other bigots who lie in the same way.

Meh. Who cares. Fuck 'em. I'm not interested in making a big deal by attacking family bakeries. 

I don't have issue with their stance. I applaud their honesty, and their wanting to meet with the person denied. They don't seem bigoted, just "uninspired".

Some serious back paddling 111 is trying there. But it's in the US so I shout boycot!

I guess they'd  better start doing their research to find out if one of the people getting married might be divorced or, god forbid, have a child born out of wedlock. They should certainly be denied service as it would conflict with their religious beliefs. 

"Please know that there is zero hate here. We are not judging the lives of our clients."

If you are not judging your clients make the cake. And if you don't want to serve all become a members/club business. Also display a sign that we do not serve GLBTI clients. 

I wonder how "inspired" they get when Muslims come in. Or Jews. Or African-Americans. Or Latinos. I suspect these bigots only get "inspired" by white, heterosexual Christians.

Why are you assuming they're white? Sounds pretty narrow minded of you. You're just as bad as they are.

They do make one valid point though: do you want your wedding cake executed by anyone not interested in your welfare. Our wedding cake was created by a friend, and not only was it beautiful, it was delicious. 

If they want to stand behind a smoke screen of the alcohol themed cake (for a wedding? really?) being something they didn't want to do, then it makes them feel better.

But, if I were shopping around for a wedding cake baker and they didn't seem like they were interested or invested in my wedding, I would move on regardless of why they weren't interested. Straight couples probably do the same thing.

As a small business owner, it's my job to make money to keep my company alive.  I don't discriminate. Period.  My job is to leav my personal prejudice, religious beliefs, and personal crap at the door and do what I advertise.  If you job is to make cakes, I don't give 2 cents if you like me, as long as I get what I paid for and what I want.  It's really as simple as that.

I hope gay people will stop going to this bakery. A 10% profit drop will surely make their god tell them they made a stupid mistake ;-)

So if your catholic and a Jewish patron comes in and asks for a cake with the Star of David on it your going to refuse him?  These people are a bunch of bigots.

im glad they are getting lots of bad feedback on their facebook page. teach that their lame excuse to discriminate just doesn't cut it! go leave them a rating and  a message on their facebook page to let them know!

The bus driver might have said something similar as he ordered Rosa Parks to the back. And the lunch counter manager at Woolworths. And the police who loosed their dogs on Selma marchers. And they would have been lying too. A bakery is a licensed business, NOT a church. Bake cakes and keep your effing "values" to yourselves.

As usual atrocious grammar abounds in this heartfelt if sickening little missive.  Reminds me of the leaders of the Hypochristian Youth Group I belonged to as a teenager, who told me, after I came out, that they "weren't judging me, but it was wrong," & then kicked me out (no surprises there, either - any questions as to why I told them?).  Gee, and wasn't Indianapolis voted "America's Gayest City" just a few years back by the Advocate?  Now, of course I know that we have plenty of bigots here in the SF Bay Area too, but still . . .

Hate is hate is hate is hate.

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