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Ricky Martin Gives Rio Boxers-Only Balcony Show

Ricky Martin has continued his half-dressed world tour of hotel balconies in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he strutted his stuff in nothing but boxers. A month ago, Ricky materialized on a Miami balcony ready to flex for a selfie. What's next, RM?

Head to JustJared for more pics of Ricky's balcony adventures!




Thought he would have sexier underwear.

Ricky is the only man I find a tramp stamp on sexy!!!!

Nice butt.

Ha!  My comment got deleted.   It wasn't that risque was it?   LOL!!

@ Jossos Ricky tiene excelentes producciones como : Vuelve, MTV Unplugged, que mal gusto tienes. Que lastima que en vez de apoyar al único embajador gay famoso que tenemos los latinos, lo atacas. 

@ Jossos estas loca? Ricky Martin esta en su mejor momento, sonando en la radio cada 10 minutos, grabando cancion para el mundial. Que desimformado estas

@Me, jealous? Hmm, why don't you post a pic of you for see if you look half as good as Ricky Martin

He gets better with age, he still one of the sexiest singers alive. 

Wish Ricky Martin and everyone did not eat innocent slaughtered-to-death animals when there are clearly other food options.... :(

"Slaughtered to death" is redundant...oh, and you're a boob.

Nice forum you chose to air your views. lol ridiculous. Btw its called the FOOD CHAIN

U4men underwear store. Let's all pitch in.....

I think the magic is starting to fade there. There's tones of guys his age that would look better on the balcony with less. Might be time to focus on what he does well-- music.

si teneis razon ya esta Pasando do Tiempo Lo Mejor DICHO ya le paso su tiempo .. y para mi tampoco es Que del haga buena musica ... 

Maybe time for you to focus on being less of a bitch, frankly. 

Well said Michael. Bitterness is a sad state of mind to be in!


We would love to have stand in your boxers in Palm Springs Ca.anytime!!!!

Ricky is sexy.....Hot Latin Stud.... B-)

@ Alma the paparazzis in Brasil and fans had been camping in front of his hotel room, and came out many times waving at them. He is huge in Latin America, part of Europe and Australia. 

He is the man of my dreams ever since he was in the group menudo. I am a bit older than him, but I can make him happy for sure.

He is the man of my dreams ever since he was in the group menudo. I am a bit older than him but, I could be there for him always.

That smile just melts my heart.  If you have not read his book "Me" get it!


Love Ricky!! Sexy man right there!!

He looks good in them and he also knew that someone was looking at him..why do u think that he was laughing..

He was traveling and stopped in Victoria Texas while on tour, he was only in his early teens but let knew he was going to be hot.
Would love to meet again at his age now.

Still will love some of that!!!! Mmmmm

Taking Grindr to a whole new level.

Always been my crush and always will be. He will always make me melt.

Ricky looks great ..the young look is leaving him, and a hot man is emerging...nice Ricky!

Ricky Martin is so handsome, he is in Brasil recording the official song for the World Cup 2014.

His kids must be sleeping and just taking a break! Looking like a hot

Daddy in those boxers!

Still has a killer smile, but time has not been kind --and neither have those ridiculous tattoos.

Poor Ricky, he just looks so sad, and seems to have a lot on his mind, but he is still sexy as ever, actually getting sexier as he gets older.

Too many tattoos, but I do think he's still kind of cute.He has a boyish somewhat troublemaker look., always a turn on.

Sexy and serious bottom ....


Looks better with age.

The man is sexy as ever !!!

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