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Yoga Pants Prankster Returns To Trick More Men Into Staring At His Booty

He's baaaaaaaaaack

Fresh off of the viral success of his last prank video, the yoga pants booty prankster of FouseyTUBE returns to trick more unsuspecting men into taking a peek at that bum. 


Is he as successful the second time around??


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


Hilarious! Was an awesome bunch of laughs to start the day with :D 

Thank you for sharing!

I love this guy! He is hilarious! I also subscribed to his you tube channel and he is not just all about the jokes! He has some serious eye openers and good messages on there! check him out! thanks instinct it was here that i first found out about him!

No it does not create homophobia. It reveals just how insecure so many men are with their sexuality. So what if they thought another guy's butt looked good? If they were so disturbed that they needed to run away they have some issues they need to deal with. I thought this video was pretty funny. I just hope he doesn't come across some asshole one day who wants to start a fight.

I think this is hilarious..

This creates homophobia. Tricking straight men into touching gay man's butt, then steotypically flaming gay man comes on to straight man. What's the matter with you Instinct?

Wow, so many things wrong with this comment above.

1) The trickster is not a "stereotypical flaming gay man", he's straight.
2) He's not trying to trick straight men into touching his butt.  No butts are actually touched in either this or the first video.
3) Nothing is 'the matter' with Instinct. This is a prank video that went viral, so Instinct covered it.

Totally agree tom

@Tom, you got it 100% right bro!

I thought it was hilarious!  Keep up the laughs!

Wasn't funny the first time around, even less funny now.

Why did you watch a second time then ?

Haha exactly. Good times prankin:) nice work. 

Also nice ass, bro!

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