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WTF?! 'Orgasm Wars': Crazy Japanese Reality Game Show Needs No Explanation (NSFW)

You know, it takes a lot to truly shock us, but this definitely succeeded. 

We're currently clutching our pearls as we type this. (And just our pearls!!)

Japan is breaking new ground in reality television, y'all. 

The nation's latest contribution that would have the Kardashian's calling foul? (Well maybe not, Kim...)

Orgasm Wars

Yep. It's not a typo. It's a reality competition show in which participants try not to have an orgasm as they're being sexually serviced. (At least that's what we're gathering from this particular clip.) 

Check out a clip, here. As you can imagine, it's so very NSFW (unless you work somewhere where a man screaming "I am not going to cum!" repeatedly as he receives a blowjob is acceptable, in which case COMMENCE!! Cummence?). 

Think Orgasm Wars could catch on in America, Instincters? 

Any willing participants? What do you think of the show?




This is not a reality TV show. It is a show on an adult entertainment paid- premium channel. It is scripted and everyone in it is an actor. These types of theme pornos are very common in Japan, but they are pornography and not available to the general public. Japanese public TV in general is much more conservative then American TV as are Japanese. Violence and sex scenes are very rare. Many of my Japanese friends cringe at kissing/sex scenes in American movies and the clip above is purely pay-per-view comical smut.

That was truly one of the most hilarious and WTF things I have seen in a long time!!!  Wow, just wow.

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