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Primal Instinct: Emblem 3's Naked Justin Bieber Joke

Emblem 3's Justin Bieber parody has launched a new kind of "Who Wore It Better" that we can get behind. 

While touring in Canada recently, the So-Cal trio thought they'd do like the local pop-stars, so they donned the same wardrobe that Justin Bieber recently made famous: nothing. 

"Hey @justinbieber, we're in Canada ready for the jam sesh," reads a tweet from Emblem 3 that included the above shot.

So, who wore it better?



They need to show their butts like Justin did!!

OMG no contest...Emblem 3 & I'd take them ALL !!!!

haha Emblem 3 wore it better and am pretty sure Justin Bieber would eventually want to have the same pose with them.

Justin: damn too hot dudes, wish I could play their instruments! *Blush*

Emblem3 wore it better lol even though I think I almost died

They gave me three times the thrill so Emblem 3 for me!

Umm emblem 3 dah.... i mean the guy with guitar is just tooooo gorgeous

Emblem 3 for sure 

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