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Big Brother Canada's Bearded Gay Male Model Strips To Underwear On Show

Big Brother Canada contestants were tasked to create a "buzzworthy" image in the reality show's latest competition. Looks like openly gay male model Kenny Brain may be the early winner, thanks to his decision to pose in (often wet) tighty-whities for the better part of a day. 

Why do American BB fans get homophobic racists and Canada gets hot Scruff-ready gay models?

Check out more pics and videos of Kenny and his underwear strategy below.

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Fucking dumbasses. This IS a look and it is happening all over. Fuck you and your lack of testosterone forcing you to talk shit instead of growing your own fucking full beard. Tell you what... why don't you all just tuck and go on RuPaul's Drag Race? Us men will be growing our facial hair, and grooming it, and getting regular haircuts, and getting laid.

I don't get it... he looks like an average slob. What is good looking about this guy exactly?

If you look like a redneck, hot. If you look like some twink named Marcelo, not.

Where can one watch this for...research?

He is freaking HOT! I'd watch a tennis match or anything else he was involved in.....

I like beards, but that one is just disgusting, I'm sure it smells like an underarm pit. It's great if you are spending some time up in the mountains swinging an axe and cutting down trees but ugh... trim it to make it look nice, and do the stick figure "JD", 115 lbs is disgusting, go eat a fucking burger cuz nobody wants to see your bones.
Don't be mad that he has a better modeling body than you. I bet you look like a wind chime and you make sounds when the wind blows...

He is hot and should'nt change a thing you probably where colonge and deodorant which I find offensive.

I would love to smell his underarm pits! He is just fine the way he is.

Totally agree with you, and would be right there with you! Woof!!

Can any of the undie lovers out there tell what brand he is wearing?

BB is NOT Big Brother. It is for BareBack you idiots!!!

He's on Big Brother idiot.

That beard may be a part of his strategy.   He may be waiting for the right moment to shave it off for the biggest impact.   It might not happen until after the show is over and he has some notoriety.   The reason that I feel that way is because his hair is pretty groomed...and the beard is definitely not.   If he meant to keep it, he would have done something with it.

He's had that beard long before entering BB

Drink that piss in a jug pig boy...

You call him a model? Not even close, and I suppose that's piss in a jug he has there in his hand. Now, I used to be a model, and still could because I'm very slender, tall and weight 115 Lbs.

Um maybe you've been living under a rock but most male models these days are muscular, not thin so good luck ck getting work yourself. The muscular scruffy man is what is sexy now, emo skinny jeans boys are fading out of the lime light.

All 115lbs of you is dumb lol ..

ANYONE CAN BE A MODEL! There is no such thing as "standards" A model can be fat, thin, black white and so on and so on!

Well, thank you for taking time from your busy modeling career to comment!

hideous beard....agree with Marcelo above!! lol...

I'm loving his beard!

He's hot, but I can't with the Duck Dynasty beard. The rules for having a beard are pretty simple, if you look like a porn star - good, if you look like a redneck - absolutely NOT GOOD!

great point!!!  agree wholeheartedly...

ugly beard


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