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Researcher Finds Penis Size Matters In Team Sports

UK sports sociologist, Dr. Chris Morriss-Roberts is delving deeply into the role penis size plays in the dynamic between teammates in sports. 

It may come as no surprise that Morriss-Roberts' research has determined that the bigger the athlete's penis, the higher his standing in the "cockocracy."

From Outsports:

The research suggested that men look at each other’s cocks, as a gauge to see how big or small they are, comparing themselves to the rest of the team or men in the locker room. The activity of checking out each other occurred irrelevant of sexuality and the type of sport; all participants noted that they looked at each other’s cocks in the locker room. 

This knowing of who has a large cock and who didn’t within a homosocial environment helped individual sporting males climb up a social hierarchy of importance. Those with the larger penises were revered and idolized by their teammates as a symbol of masculinity. These "large-cocked" individuals became a focus of camaraderie and team building within their sports environments. The cock became a focus on which to banter, create nicknames, and enjoy the fundamental basics of being a man. Two nicknames that were mentioned included "schlonger" and the "biggest dick in Scottish basketball."

Morriss-Roberts' also speculates based on his research that penis-size may actually play a role in an athlete remaining on a team, even if they lack athletic skill. 

It was interesting to note that one rugby player discussed another athlete who had a really huge cock; he felt that the only reason he was still in the team was because he had a "massive cock" and in actual fact "he wasn’t very good at rugby." It was interesting to gain insight into the fact that actually a large penis in the rugby environment was more important than sporting ability, simply because it cemented the team in unity. 

In the thesis I argue that a large penis is now an essential component of hegemonic masculinity, and should be considered a new tenet of masculine capital; taking into account the significance it has on social hierarchy in the sporting environment. I have called this cock-supremacy. 

What do you think of the UK researcher's findings, Instincters?

Morriss-Roberts maintains that his sample of 8 athletes--all from professional and semi-professional sports clubs in London--provides enough information to draw conclusions based on the methodology of his interview process. They're also representative of gay and straight athletes.

The athletes included in this study are three soccer players (all straight); one soccer and rugby player (straight); one fitness trainer (gay); one bodybuilder (gay); one squash and tennis player (gay) and one former pro gymnast (gay).

Do you think enough individuals were polled to draw conclusions?

Based on the research it appears that penis comparison and assessment occurs across sexual orientation lines. Does it surprise you to find out how much size seemingly matters within the context of sports?


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Having been brought up in a sporting school, all of our male captains were well hung. They weren't necessary the best players in their sport, but everyone on the teams looked up to them.. I find the same rule applies in a lot of sports including Rugby and Footie.

The sample is too small and spread out too thin to draw any conclusions. All this proves is that the so-called researcher is a size queen who manipulates data to support his own biased beliefs.

Well, there seem to be a primal and more primitive role the cock has in human psychology. I think this study might have some importance and it does sheds light on the reason why enlargement pills are very popular among men. And psychologist do agree that cock size has NOTHING to do with sex or sexual activity, but more on psychology.


men have always checked out other men's cocks wen they have a chance such as a locker room showers, naked anywhere they were with other men. 

Mans it isn't in a sexual manner gay or str8. 

We always want to see if someone is bigger. Always will. 

However as a gay man I also want to see who is bigger but also just to check them out 

but I check them out for basically same reasons as the str8 man

i just might enjoy it more so than a str8 man did 

This is stupid. What is everyones obsession with cock size. Being a gay man myself I know this may sound crazy but I'm a ass man, through and through.

no me parece extraño, el pene es el organo que mueve al mundo.
Sim distintincion de sexo..raza..o pais...todo parte del pene..!!

I am available to increase the sample size.

8 people sample doesn´t make science. But I have the feeling that in a larger sample size, something like that would still hold. Men adore other men who have "manly" characteristics, like muscle size, hand size, penis size, deep voice.

I can attest that this is correct.

A sample size of 8?  Inconclusive.  Although '8' sounds like a nice big number in other respects.

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