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Denver News Station Issues Statement After Airing Big Penis During Morning Broadcast

On Tuesday, the fine folks of Denver were served a giant slab of meat immediately after what appeared to be a humongous omelet to culminate in one filling breakfast. The mistakenly-broadcasted images were aired in what was supposed to be a story about the tragic Seattle helicopter crash. Today, Fox 31 in Denver released an official statement after the accidental dic pick went viral. 

"While reporting breaking news about the crash of the KOMO-TV helicopter in Seattle, FOX31 Denver accidentally broadcast an offensive photo while scrolling live through a Twitter feed of pictures from the crash scene. The photo was mistakenly broadcast by our control room. It did not come from the tablet many viewers saw being used by one of our anchors. We apologize for the inadvertent broadcast of the image and we are taking immediate steps to prevent such an accident from happening again."

So, bad news for commenters who had hoped the image belonged to the owner of the tablet used in the segment and was therefore easier to track. 

In the aftermath of the gaffe, it's clear that Instinct friend Itay Hod wins the Internet for this Facebook comment. Points!



It was a great cock.i do have to say

I really would like to say I truly believe the picture was on the iPad just for the mere fact of the panels reaction.  I thought it was hilarious as much of the tits and ass you see now on regular shows you think nothing of it... Thus the highlight of the day!! 

I like how they were so quick to say it didn't come from the anchor's i-pad. Suuuuuure. It was lovely pic though wasn't it?

I thought O'reilley <spelling> was the biggest dick at Fox.  Ok, he still is that photo shown was not a dick it was a lovely penis.  I dare you to say happiness without saying penis.  You can't.

It is just a dick.  1/2 the population has one.  People need to calm the fuck down.

True. But just like I don't go to the grocery store to see two guys fucking, I don't turn on the morning news when I want to see cock shots. (That's what the evening news is for, of course.)

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