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Denver News Station Accidentally Airs Giant Penis During Helicopter Crash Coverage

Well, someone at Denver's Fox affiliate is likely back in the job market today. 

A Fox 31 producer probably got a pink slip moments after letting a giant pink uncut penis slip on the air while haphazardly shuffling through random pictures on Twitter. It probably would've been a good idea to stop scrolling through Twitter pictures during a report of a helicopter crash in Seattle after you hit an image of Edward Scissorhands, but that wasn't red flag enough. The gasps from the panelists following the mistake are nearly as entertaining as the unexpected dick pic!

Oh well, it's the Internet that has now reaped the bounty of the gigantic (literally) gaffe. 

Video below is NSFW, for a big surprise penis. 

UPDATE:  Denver News Station Issues Statement After Airing Big Penis During Morning Broadcast.


As long as the tool is healthy, I say.  And guys need to work to keep 'em healthy by using a top drawer penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil).

If I was that huge I be happy to put it on th news ;)

I wish my boyfriends penis was that big lol:D

That is friggin gigantic! Is that even real?!

Lol that's what I was thinking. It's at least like 3 time bigger than my boyfriends you-know-what hahaha I'm pretty sure it's like a fake XL dildo or something. 

Haha. I'm black and I'm not even that huge

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Shelley Dustin

imagine that being ur dick,, thats funny, hope that muthafucka aint married! lmfaooooo, this is funny as shit! sorry it is!

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This Uncut Footage Just In...

It's a penis, so what! Silly how we can accept boobs, tits, and ass in movies and on television, but when it comes to a penis and testicles all of a sudden some line is being crossed. It's the human body, get over it.

I'll show You NINE reasons why that is not a giant penis.......still funny oh shit moment...


Don't scroll threw twitter pictures from an area with a large gay population.

faux news is a bunch of dicks

Obviously Tyler Durden has a new job.

I'm sure some kind of a way they will blame Obama.

No, I'm thinking someone will CERTAINLY blame BUSH.

No, there's more educated people now. 

Oh and bush did fuck us up the ass. 

This is pretty bizarre, not because of the big penis, but because of the shock and trauma the sight of a dick causes in the ignorant masses. lol

If anyone is "upset" or "disturbed" by the sight of a part of the Human body, they should be in therapy.

It's not something you normally see on a network morning show. (I can hear it now..."Mommy, what's that!?") And full-frontal nudity is definitely not something the FCC will ignore. 

In America.  Only American's seem to be afraid of being asked "Mommy, what's that?" by their children.  Other countries show nudity openly on TV, their parents explain sex organs and responsible use of them to kids while they are still very young, and DON'T have multiple "porn capitals of the world" where repressed children end up acting out with emotional responses that are quite predictable given the attitude placed on sex there.

That is so true!

Head line is wrong it is not a giant penis.  I was  thinking a giant penis should be much bigger than mine.

Yeah it wasn't really giant, just filled the screen lol. I mean really it looked close to average size when you take into account what little reference there was around it in the picture. I always love the 6 inchers that are proclaimed to be "huge" by the women being sexed up by them, or by some horny guy on the internet trying to draw traffic to his tumblr :)

Can I see your cock if it is so big?

Well then Jester - I'd love to see YOUR penis! ;)

Not jesting!

Anybody else have a flash back to the movie "Fight Club"?


They got very surprised hahahahahah

Where is the fcc? I think this is a bigger deal than Janet Jackson's nipplegate.

I agree. That was deliberate! This was a bonafide accident!

Why do people get so much in an uproar when a penis or a woman's nipple is accidentally shown on TV.  Grow up!  This is not a big deal ... well, the penis is big, and it is an attractive penis so it DEFINITELY is NOT mine!

I love the people who act like they are sad that he got fired, so I'm thinking,
SHUT UP B!+¢#, I KNOW YOU DONT CARE ! No wonder no man will ever love you and if you say he does, I'm thinking, that's funny, you get people just like you,

Hahahaha!! You sound like one bitter sorry ass mother fucker! Perhaps even the Mother of all Fuckers! I almost cracked a rib I laughed so hard at your "No wonder no man will ever love you" bullshit! Sounds to me like you have a tiny pecker and no man will ever love you because of it. You're bitter and angry because of your economy sized cock and lashing out at others. And the people you say love you are actually the fake ones because they're leading you on to believe they love you despite your inadequate manhood when in reality they are ugly and desperate themselves and are only fucking you because they are just like you, sad and angry. There!! How does it feel! Oh and P.S. That's why you fucked your moms poodle bitch! Poodle fucker! Poodle fucker!

After all that, you think he is the one that is bitter? Well it's better to be bitter than an asshole.

​You're welcome.

Okay I will say it thank you!

The guy holding the tablet .. was his pic.. just watch his life flash before his eyes in the moments that follow.. priceless.

Actually it wasn't.  He was looking at someone's twitter feed that sent in the picture and was scrolling through that person's pictures, which is dumb, in itself.

right? how stupid do you have to be to do that and then he hit two random pictures before the dick pic came up like an idiot just kept scrolling

Mmm *uncut* footage :)

All of a sudden, I have the urge for a foot long, all beef weiner. 

Mines not quite a foot, but I can give you a solid 7.5 inches! 

With a burrito on the side LOL

You wasn't FoxNews it was a local Fox station.  It was hilarious though.

Did you expect them to get it right? Facts seem to scare them.

I love the bitchy size-queens vehemently declaring the surprise penis is not "big".

I have never laughed so hard in my life.  What a bunch of idiots!!!    Glad it was Fox.    Laughed so hard that I started crying.

Who's penis was it?

I love that it was Fox!!! Will this be Obamas fault too?!

No, George Bush's you friggin idiot. Benghazi, IRS, Russia telling us to F off is! Get a grip you liberal fool!

When in doubt....SCREAM BENGHAZI!

I know right!!! GEEZE!!!

Now I'm horny

LMAO!  He really kept kool.  I wonder if that was him or if he was searching "pee-nus"...  lil closeted devil!  LOL


People thought that was "giant"...Apparently, whoever thought this was giant, has really never seen a big dick before. :-) 

If you think that was a "giant" penis you need to get out more.

Oh my.  Sorry about that.

^^^FOR THE WIN! ^^^

you gotta keep in mind that pot is legal in Colorado, and Denver is the heart of CO!  so let's just blame it on the fact that the producer was probably higher than the Rocky Mountains this morning!  

funny so freaking funny

Can't wait to see what Fallon does with this. LOL!!

Nice Selfie :)

Even though I see penis a lot, it's still shockingly funny to see because it's so sudden and put there. Their reactions are priceless though. 

Must be a doctor!

Bet someone lost their job. Or had to use that cock to a closeted homophobe network exc to save his job 

A dick for a dick network 

nice cock tho

He is a bit cocky

I am laughing so hard! O my gosh!

It appears that these images were being generated from the main guy's notepad. Clearly a personal notepad which was set to slideshow his photos. Might should've changed his settings before projecting images. LOL! 

They were tweets. Least that is what HE claims...

Love to see any SMUG TV presenters taken out of their smug self indulgent comfort

The question is: Whose dick was it!?

Okay! I need a name address and phone # LOL

google it on uproxx

Rob in Ohio...looks like you are not getting enough penis to be this offended!!

people its a penis, about 60% of humanity has one! big deal! 

those 'shocked' faces! it's stupid! 

No, it's decency, something gays and liberals don't care much about. not everyone wants to see a dick with their morning coffee. Silly fag.

So, you talk about "decency" then go on to label people who disagree with you as "liberals" (as if it's an insult! lol) and "fags".

I can quite easily label you as a Christian, Republican bigot who is so mentally ill the sight of a natural part of the Human body causes them to have something akin to a nervous breakdown.

If anyone is wrong here it's clearly the person who is so easily traumatized by the sight of something they should be pretty familiar with by now.

You need to grow up, act your age and move on with your life. It's just a penis, no one died, no one is going to be "damaged" by seeing it, and no one should be up in outrage about this. It's pathetic that some grown adults so immature they can't cope with seeing a penis!


As a gay man, I find your comment very offensive. I happen to be a liberal too, but I have morals and ethics just like the VAST MAJORITY of the gay community and have the utmost respect for others in lieu of decency. Pull your homophobic head out of your ass and realize that just because you're a closet case, does not mean the rest of the gay community is anything like you.

Um... Maybe because it was live tv? I would be throwing a shocked face up too if that was the case! LOL

60%  No.  try 49.5

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Thanks guys-- found a new video source!

congrats have stooped to a new low....I can always count on your for everything matter how insignificant the story.....and you are very insicnificant Instinct.

Video no longer available... :(

Google it on uproxx

Well there goes the PG rating, now who was looking at porn in the control room?

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