Hunky 'Bitten' Werewolf Shows Off Booty [NSFW]

Joe Manganiello keeps us loyal to True Blood, but after seeing Greyston Holt's method acting portrayal of a werewolf on SyFy's Bitten, we're sure we have room for two were-men in our lives. In a popular episode that's maken its way online, "Bitten" wasn't the only B double T word to be showed off on air.

You're welcome.

(h/t: OMG)



you're * an*

you* an*

These were not from the latest episode. They were S01E04. The latest episode was S01E10. Photos much appreciated, but come on. I get Instinct in my email every day and as a journalist and author I read a LOT of newsletters and magazines and newspapers. I am also a big fan of Bitten. So anyway, I guess what I am trying to say is this: I have seen a LOT of your articles and there are a LOT of inconsistencies. You should really try and get ALL facts straight BEFORE you publish your stuff.

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Thanks for the kind words and consistent focus on the cap-lock key!

How awesome for the world that your are and AUTHOR AND A JOURNALIST......... we can all breath easier.

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