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Westboro Baptist Church Remixes Lorde's "Royals"

As reported earlier this week, Westboro Baptist Church members plan to picket singer Lorde's concert in Kansas City, but we think it's more likely that they're simply trying to pass along their latest recording demo. 

In a clear sign that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery the WBC has come up with its own lyrical remix of Lorde's hit "Royals." 

And it's just as batsh*t crazy as you'd expect. (Clearly someone's working overtime in the recording studio though!)

Give it a listen. If you dare. 


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I couldn't listen to 30 seconds of that bullshit. And WBC can't carry a tune in a bucket.

It's not BY ROYALS. It's a song CALLED Royals BY LORDE.

What the fuck! X

This is shit. It is only gods job to judge me not some crazy people with picket signs.

Agree with Keith;  hope The Royals sue them for using their song!

If news outlets such as this would stop all reporting on WBC, they would virtually drown in their own hatred. Almost 25,000 listens and I'm sure it would have been closer to maybe 250 if it weren't given recognition.

Fred is dead song

I believe their is a phrase... "Pride cometh before a fall"

I so hope the Royals sue them for use of their song.

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