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Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps Sr. Has Died

Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps, Sr. has died at 84 years old. 

The Topeka Capital-Journal reports:

Pastor Fred Waldron Phelps Sr., founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, died late Wednesday, a daughter of Phelps confirmed Thursday morning.

Reached by phone in Topeka, Shirley Phelps-Roper confirmed her father had died at Midland Care Hospice.

Phelps Sr.'s death was also confirmed by his son, Tim Phelps. 

At the time of his death, Phelps had reportedly been excommunicated from the WBC, but this was after many years of anti-gay bigotry and protesting and picketing of military funerals, among other abhorrent acts. 

Thoughts on the news of Phelps' death, Instincters?



Hope and pray his followers seen the light out of the darkness he led them to.

I find it disgusting the family has asked for privacy during this and at his funeral. You didn't respect any military family privacy. Why the fuck do you deserve privacy. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

So where is his funeral going to be held at?  I have some fresh signs that need to be seen :) MUAHAHAHAHAHAH

My thought exactly. Road trip!

Evil people do serve a purpose, and it's an important one...they lurk at the far negative end of the Humanity Continuum; they are the touchstone, the bad extreme by which we measure our own endeavors to be good, to be kind, to be human, to be humane. I fully believe that something or someone broke Phelps long ago and rotted him, but in that impossible-to-understand way that attracts others to his misguided, selfish, loathsome causes. I don't wish him a final peace or the fires of hell. I wish him gone, and will briefly enjoy the void, even as I know full well his replacement is already assuming the mantle. Hug, tolerate, appreciate, respect and try to love in some way everyone you see today, tomorrow, and's the tougher road, and the better one.

My mama always taught me to not speak badly of the dead. So my comment concerning his death is "that's nice dear."

The only sad part about this is that he died a natural death. 

if only it meant his church would die as well, but he was ex communicated before his death, so i guess what he created on earth, will be richly rewarded in the bottomless pits of HELL

Another piece of turd down the drain

Seems Satan has gained his twin back. 

Good riddance 

Beelzebub has a devil set aside for him................

If he does make it to heaven I hope Matthew Shepard is holding the gate open for him.

Praise God!

This evil man has left the planet.

Onto his next life, as a transgendered butch lesbian! Karma's a bitch!

I hope he has sunscreen because it's gonna be hot where he's going. 

RIP and may God find the love/forgiveness in his heart that yours was unable too.

I agree though I personally find it hard to forgive him.. God can. I only hope his church dies as well.


Ding-dong, the witch is dead!

About damn time. Now if he'd take the rest of his fucked up church with him

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