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Walk Of Shame: Photographer Captures Berliners As They Leave The Club In The Morning Sun

Anyone who's ever closed down a club or party knows how harsh re-entering the outside world, already on with its day, can be. But imagine leaving the club to greet the morning sun and finding a world-class photographer outside, ready to take your picture for an international series. Lucky for the voyeur in us, many marathon clubbers from Berlin's famous Berghain nightclub were up to starring in London-based photog Oliver Eglin's Berghain/Panorama series. A few of our favorites from the collection are below, but head here for the full exhibit

(h/t: Feature Shoot)




Lame. Looks like normal bar night attire in LA...

gorgeous people. 

Lame. FAIL

Or Chicago's "Berlin" at 5am

Don't look that bad to me 

I want to be at party with the first guy that left in underwear 

I always tried to have a man in tow and a waiting cab at the clubs entrance, not to mention a good pair of dark Jackie O sunglasses on.

Hate to tell you...but this is how Berliners dress...EVERYDAY. 

Where they in a church club? C'mon!!!!!!

Hell yeah,club space. Haha. Been there a few times while living in miami. But any Alegria event and Black Party in NYC(both of which r this weekend) blow it out the water. Tho I havent been to Alegria in a while,I never miss a black party and I ALWAYS remember to bring sunglasses. For a party that goes for 14 hrs,u need them for sure. Cant wait for this weekend.

loser shutup

Rude much.

fuck off american

Damn troll much asshole?

OMG those are nothing, should have one of me cracked out leaving club space in Miami at 1PM in the afternoon...

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