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Louisiana House Approves Bill Banning Gays & Unmarried Couples From Surrogate Parenting

Louisiana lawmakers have taken another step in their attempt to deny gay couples their rights. 

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Unmarried and gay couples in Louisiana will be blocked from becoming surrogate parents if Gov. Bobby Jindal signs a bill approved by the House on Sunday. The bill would set up surrogacy contract rules in the state as well as define who is eligible to enter into such contracts.

The final version of Senate Bill 162 defines "intended parents" as "married persons," thus barring unmarried partners and same-sex couples from becoming parents through surrogacy. However, much of the opposition to the heavily amended bill came from religious and conservative groups who consider all surrogacy "anti-life."


Of course, this could all be called into question if the Defense of Marriage Act is struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. Suddenly same-sex couples could qualify as "married persons" and as such, "intended parents," making Louisiana's law denying them rights potentially unenforceable.  

The final vote for the bill was  87-9; it's now up to Gov. Jindal to veto it or give it his signature. 

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No he won't and the LGBT tax payers of Louisiana will sit there, take it, and let him use their hard earned money to do it.

these people are DICTATORS!!!! They ...ughghg I can't even find words for this anymore....

Another HETEROSEXUAL-ONLY law.  Not a surprise from the heterosexual population with their love of persecuting gay people.

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