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Lady Gaga Releases 'G.U.Y' Full Music Video

​The Haus of Gaga isn't holding back! Their video for "G.U.Y." the third single off of ARTPOP and could arguably be described as the album's first music film! 

Check out Gaga's latest!!

So we sorta got a "Venus" video out of this too!

Also resurrections! And the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!? And Andy Cohen as Eros!?

It's a lot, but it's pretty gorgeous! What do you think of "G.U.Y.," Instincters??


You have to be a carpenter to be a carpenter. You have to be a mechanic
to be a mechanic. Those aren’t narrow minded statements, they’re facts.
And you have to be a musician to be a musician. Lady Gaga isn’t a
musician…at most, she manipulates machines and plagiarizes others’ music
with samples which she is often sued for. Furthermore, she can’t write
worth a goddamn…her so-called lyrics are just a bunch of garbage. And
calling herself a great musician is like saying she’s the best smelling
diaper on a Jersey beach, she still stinks.

If an album is good, people will buy it. If a song is good, people will listen to it. Excuses don't need to be made. There is no grand conspiracy going on here.

ARTPOP sucks. Full-stop. Period !!!!

Gaga is the new Queen of Arenas, Festivals and Award Shows....just about it. :D

Omg, I just wish her and her "Monster" lemmings would just f*ck off. She and her pre/pubescent fanbase, acting like total idiots, every f*ckin where.

She should stick to her piano playing and 30 years old music, keep her fans there and stop messing with other artists, in a backhanded, wimp, kind of way. Stop whining when someone doesn't like her music, tell her "Haus of Bla Bla Bla" and moron lemmings to stop bullying others when not everyone agrees with her "word", and f*ckin grow a pair. Tried of this moron named like Caca.

sit down, bitch !

I wanna puke on her badly.


gaga is in limbo. Call me when she wake up.


Love it!

This comments section is the saddest collection of negative, whiny rants ever. What's with so much HATE? As they say, there's a thin line between love and hate. If you truly didn't like it or care for it, you would remain silent. Just as many homophobes are actually gay, I'm wondering what this hate is saying about all of you. 

the wig was a bad romance too. was hoping someone would relieve her of it by mid-way thru.

i bet every single hater here is obsessed with madonna and just can't stand gaga is giving a new generation an Icon to connect with, other than madge.  

gosh so many of you need to get laid.

Embarrassing even to admit that I bought her singles during the FAME era. Yikes.

this era has been truly disastrous and embarrassing for gaga. her pretentious attempts at creating “art” have done absolutely nothing to entice the gp. i personally think her music is crappy and she truly has no sound of her own. she made some cute dance-pop music at the peak of the edm explosion and thats about it. the shock factor expired a very long time ago and people have moved on.

sad isnt it? :(

She's out of ideas. It's all the same story. Her videos are just the same ol' crap over and over again. She thinks she's the master at reinvention, but her entire slew of fast paced "reinventions" are the same compiled themes over and over again. She sucks so bad that she can't fathom how bad she sucks.

Of course this video was boring, Gaga already fired years ago all of the people who had the real artistic vision. This is what you get when you bite the hand that feeds you, and your ego gets in the way...She's boring, can we talk about something else? lol

Her music sucks !!!!!

Clearly, the vomit stunt was a gimmick and Gaga was hoping for more of a large scale backlash to get some attention for this song. She still hasn’t learned the world is over that tactic and can see through her.Yes she got backlash but no one cares enough to make it as huge as if Beyoncé or Rihanna were to do it. She is barely outselling Miley now. In fact, Miley is currently higher than her on the charts. The struggle that she is now competing with her for VEVO views. The downward spiral.......

Regardless, 700k in the USA is a flop and embarrassing.

Say goodbye to ARTFLOP.


The struggle is real. Boring. She is not fun and interesting anymore. Just trying hard and desperate. I feel bad that her fans are trying to break Miley's Vevo record. I mean...the Queen vs Miley? haahahahaha

WTF...I stopped the video after 2 minutes. lol

give it up gaga. this era is so messy from the start. take a long break....

One trick pony is trying hard to stay relevant by making long format video. Epic fail.... :)



More tricks and sidelights to cover her lack of talent. Singers can sing---they don't need a dog-and-pony show.

Gaga's G.U.Y. video will be known as the biggest failed attempt at breaking the VEVO record, poor little monsters scheduled all these "Break The Vevo Record Operation" things only to get 3 million views 18 whole hours after the video was released.

Tacky as usual. Yucks.

Gaga's next move it to commit suicide on stage. Then, her fans will copy her. This means the world will soon be a safer place. Amen.

LMFAO......epic !

In 4 and 1/2 months, G.U.Y. has only sold 3,362 copies.


your comment is making me lmfao. idiot

LOL.....she's been acting like this thrash Artpop is worth promoting.

The desperation is real. I just am so tired of the word “art” thrown around these days by pop singers, but especially Gaga overuses it. Think about it. Do great rock bands/pop bands carry on about their art when they discuss their music? They just try to write good songs and let their songs speak for themselves.

Gaga will have lost 850,000 of her fans that did not buy this album compared to the last album the first week. More then 75% of her fans ignored this new album. I loved " Born this way " and have the album but this album was ARTPOOP.

Gaga is an attention seeker. Her sole motivation is to be famous. Nothing more nothing less....

Copycat bitch makes up things all the time. It's called damage control. Example trying to make it look like Do What U Want had overwhelming demand and success, when it was simply an auto-downlload with the preorder and fell off the itunes charts very quickly. This whole era has been about damage control. The end is near. :(

Beyonce who sold a million more records than ARTFLOP with 0 promo!


This skank is so 5 years ago.


Juvenile and desperate. Euww...can't stand this Lady colossal bore Gaga.

Gaga clearly can't hold her own in the director's chair. Someone from Universal/Interscope and NBC is getting high on meth or cocaine.  It's over the top, tacky (as usual), incoherent, lack of depth, a lot of "noise" and all over the place. Exactly what you'd expect from this clown. Having a 5- minute credit is kind of saying...."look at me...look at me" and "im cool because now i'm a director". 

Enough already, b%tch. Take a seat !

I loved it and she isn't doing gimmicks to be noticed she is lady gaga she would be noticed if she sat on a bench and sang its not about being noticed with her music and videos she is an entertainer  so  what she did with this video for entertainment and if people can't see that than you don't need to be watching her anyway she is unigue her videos are weird and may be gimmicky at times but thats because thats her videos thats how she is she isnt afraid to say fuck it and be weird so I looooooooooooooooved it cant wait to see the next one i hope its just as weird as this one 

Thank you Seth! Just save me alot of typing! 

The video is overkill. And the song itself is a reductive version of Bad Romance. Time to go..... :(

Lady Gaga is a scam. Period.

Enough with the gimmicks. Albums will sell if they are full of great music. ARTFLOP is filled with poop. If she had any talent, she wouldn’t have to resort to all these ridiculous measure to try to be noticed. Not a rocket science…

Conclusion: The main problem with Lady GaGa is that she sucks and has always sucked and will always suck.

Another year, another video and another attraction for the zoo. Any musicians that have to rely on gimmicks rather than writing/singing/playing ability does not deserve the title of musician. You know you career is dying when your album ARTPOOP is cheaper than a box of Tampons at Walmart.

P L E A S E     R E T I R E   ! ! ! !


Lady Gaga 2008-2014

700k for ARTPOP on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart.  Lady Gaga is a boderline has-been !

over-the-top slop. go-for-broke trash-baroque. like the fateful fadded-fat-flower decadence of the late european rennaisance, gaga still hasn't gotten a handle on this thing. she's gagging.

the video gets a bit more visually entertaining in about the last 1/4, as it starts throwin in just about 'everything but the kitchen sink'. yet the expressionistic imagery is mostly 'ugly', and leaves us feelin empty after the overload. (the poor dancers, after all their training and hard work! at least they may have gotten paid well?)

"less is more" gag, less is more.

Gaga's new  video GUY is at 3 million views. Carry on Gaga!

Only 17 million left to break the record break Miley's record.



The video is cheap as hell. It's really cheesy and crappy! It's the kind of video people starting in the music business make. No wow factor! It's just like ARTFLOP, bland and boring.

11.47 minutes of sheer garbage !!!

Lady GaGa is a female version of Kanye West. This Mother Donkey is addicted to cheap and stupid attention. That's why.

GaGa a pop singer and self-proclaimed "musician" making mediocre pop song (now claiming
she is an icon, yeah right!) can only hit several notes and play piano. Big deal. I don't know what people are intoxicated on while talking about her talents. She is just making pop music for heaven's sake not some kind of Beethoven or Picasso high art. In 5 years all she does if f***g moan on the media about Lupus, bullied at school, insomnia, cocaine addiction, hip surgery, weight issues, Bulimia and so on.

What's next? Carry RuPaul and R Kelly's love child? Why don't we as a community, support the people in the entertainment industry who DESERVE our support rather than throwing out $ to this overrated and "manufactured musician". I gave her a fair chance in the beginning, but I can't stand liars, phonies and attention whore like Lady Gaga. Her name alone makes me wanna puke. Artistic people don't need to tell the World that they are making art. Idiot.... just like her lil' Donkeys.

Amen... LOL

You need a hobby

You need IQ. Stop listening to this generic clown !

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