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Spanish University Studs Play Rugby Naked (NSFW)

It's a rugby kind of day!!

Earlier we brought you British rugby stud Christian Wade stripping down for Cosmo UK and now we've got this GLORIOUS footage of the men of the University of Girona's "Aligues I Aligots" rugby team playing naked!

We're gonna need a moment. Watch! (NSFW)

Ay Dios mio! What's the going rate on a flight to Spain??


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


It was very funny when other's balls hit your face hehe

Zipote cuidao. Que luego estas cosas enganchan! :D

I imagine it would be difficult to keep your eye on the ball. Well, I mean the rugby ball....

Makes you wonder what they are holding onto when they are binding in the scrum, doesn't it? ;-)

Not worth watching since it is on YouTube and they don't show anything.

I love this!

They play naked rugby each year in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Um... I dont even know how to play rugby, but Can I join?

what the hell of that game they are crazy...or what

...and they're straight 'cause they have girlfriends / wives and possibly children...just in case you were wondering...what is the point here?

The captions in the video are Catalan, not Spanish.

I'm a butt man so this made me real happy!  ;-). It's also an easy way to find out which players are gay!

Now if someone could take that video and slow it down so we can see the hot cocks 

Bravo! Just hope they don't grab the wrong ball!

bravi con luccello all'ari che pompe vi farei

bellissimo vedere giocattori nudi 

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