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Ryan Murphy Announces 'American Horror Story' Season Four Title...

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy dropped a bomb on Twitter on Monday. 

Check out the official title for American Horror Story season four!


It's AHS: Freak Show!!

We wonder if there's an organic way to integrate Britney's "Freakshow" from Blackout into this??

We're pretty sure "Freak Show" will easily integrate the previously mentioned "carnival" theme.

What do you think of the title, Instincters??


If he gets bored, he just kinda lets a show hit the skids, doesn't fix it, and moves on to the next big thing.   With American Horror Story, he starts something new every season, which matches his attention-span.   He might enjoy doing that one longer.   There's no denying he's gifted, but he is not a "long-haul" kinda guy, professionally.    He needs to find a staff of writers who can carry on after the first season or two of a show, so that he doesn't let his fans down when he "jumps ship" creatively.

Britney and her impact :'(

Where it's been is a deal killer for me.....

I saw the idea of this season back at the start of the year before the season finally was expected to run. So I am not surprised. As for Brittney, I could pass on her being part of the show. But if we must endure, I would hope she is the going to be something creepy and really crazy that is befitting who she really is. 

Ummmm we NEED Britney to be part of this season, like seriously!! C'mon... "Freak Show" / "Circus" Make it happen, Ryan!!

i prefer carnival

This was announced some time ago..

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