UK Men Raising Testicular Cancer Awareness w/ 'Cock In A Sock' Campaign (NSFW)

British men are proving to be quite philanthropic via the Cock In A Sock campaign, which is raising funds and awareness for testicular cancer in the UK!

Men from all over are generously sheathing their member in the sock of their choice in support of the cause!! 

Take a NSFW look at these heroes! 

Instagram and Twitter can provide a plethora of #CockInASock campaign shots! 

Let's bring this campaign stateside!!


(H/T: The Gaily Grind)


So sad. UK Guys are all big muscle, little socks ;-P

Why do they all have to be hyper – skinny and perfect? Where are the normal looking men? 


This kid is too funny!

Yeah, facebook is getting way too controlling. Facebook is dying out. We have to make out own LGBT version of facebook! We would allow all the cock socks our little hearts could imagine!! ;-) 

Quite honestly, I believe that would be a billion-dollar business for someone.

Love the viewing!!!!  Do it more and more and more!!!!

Yeah it was awesome until Facebook refused to let the pictures be shown - all those that were had them reported, said photo then removed and the person who posted the picture was blocked from sending comments or liking etc - so it defies belief that an organisation can hinder a campaign to raise awareness on an otherwise taboo subject such as testicular cancer - i'm thinking of closing my account in protest and in process of setting up a page asking others to do same we have to take a stand some how - and this is not the first time last year when the issue of gay marriage was posted over facebook a lot of my gay friends had their accounts disabled for posting pics of them kissing their male bf!!!!

New marketing idea.......Sock de Trois .


Socks are so nice-looking when wore correctly.   ;) Let´s donate for the cause!

This is an awesome idea. I will be making a donation! THANKS GUYS ;)

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