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10 Gay Men Kiss For The First Time In Latest 'First Kiss' Video

Yep, it's another video inspired by "First Kiss," but we don't think we'll get too many groans of complaint this time since this one features all gay men! 

See what happens when ten gay strangers are asked to kiss for the first time.

Surprisingly sweet, right?? So many hugs!!

This one comes courtesy of New Zealand group, Love Your Condom (NSFW).

What do you think, Instincters?


(H/T: Towleroad)


It' was cute... but reading some of the comments sucked.  Typical gay men saying that it was lacking more attractive people?  Shallow much?  It's comments like those that demonstrate the closed mindedness of todays society... and for the one's that are saying to your self that the only reason am saying this is because am unattractive my self... suk it bitches lol... am 100% sexy proud Boricua (LATINO).  Loved the video, it was real and moving.

Simply beautiful. Something magical happens when two people, same sex or otherwise, contemplate a first kiss. I love the raw innocence of it all. Kudos to the directors and great song too. I wish there was a song credit - I would buy it in a second!  

I have to say I thought it was very sweet. There is someone in this world for everyone. There wasn't anyone in this that was ugly or un-attractive. What bugs me the most about this video was the negative comments about how unattractive some of the people were. SERIOUSLY?! Those of you that negativity posted, Shame on you! Peace and love

Not everyone is hollywood handsom, there are so many different couples and if you honestly watched this for hot guys than you know nothing of love

I'm gonna be a bitch and say what we're all thinking... There needs to be more attractive peopl, sorry guys. I was hoping for cuter boys. But still, great sweet video overall. 

This was awkward.....there was 1/2 of each couple that was not attractive. I can see why it was hard for them to get started. 

But it got much easier for guys to get poz because they prefer to BB with hot guys only. Your point being? Shallow. I can see why you're a total idiot. #byeluisa

I think that to kiss someone both people must be, at least attracted to each other, attracted enough to kiss. This was weird.

I'm sure we'll see the lesbian version. I think this is very cool though. :)

Love it. More diversity would be cool. Not saying there wasn't any there, but to really MIX it up would have made this just that more artistic in my opinion.

Why have you made it NFSW? :-/

dont know???

I feel like they were a little more sexually charged than the heterosexual counterpart to this video. Not gonna lie it gave me a partial. But it was cute.

the song is called : 'we might be dead by tomorrow' by soko

Love it! What's the song called? 

I love this!

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