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Runner Secretly Snaps Photos Of Hot Guys Every Mile Of NYC Half Marathon

We love Kelly Roberts' style.

What better way to get through a half marathon than by surreptitiously taking pics of hot guys running with you? Kelly did just that at the recent New York Half Marathon, creating the hashtag #hotguysofthenychalf in the process.

“I didn't really train for this race because of the crazy winter we had, so live Instagraming was kind of a way to take my mind off the race,” Kelly told the Daily News. “And finding cuties/making myself laugh is the best distraction from the cold and exhaustion.”

Also, merely looking at this series of pics counts as cardio for the week, right?

Mile 1

Mile 2

Mile 3

Mile 4

Mile 5

Mile 6

Mile 9

Mile 10

Mile 11

Mile 12

Finish Line

Which is your favorite mile, Instincters?

(h/t: Huffpo)


Hot? Really? Couldn't figure out if the one who titled this is blind or have standards that's from another planet.

Mile 3! I call dibs!

Only a few of those guys were cute lol 

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