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Ellen Page Has A Message For Anti-Gay Pastor

Ellen Page has gone from 0 - 60 in no time since coming out of the closet in February. On Twitter over the weekend, Ellen made her passion for fighting homophobia clear in a response to a letter she received from a pastor imploring her to repent to her sins. Though the alleged letter's full message hasn't been shared, Ellen's tweet gives us all we need to know:

"2 da Pastor who wrote me-Being gay isn't a belief," Ellen writes. "My soul isnt struggling & I don't want arms of Heavenly Father around me. A girls arms? Yes."

What do you think of Ellen's reply, Instincters?

(h/t: Huffpo)


Ellen should also realize that there are some of us who are gay, as well as spiritual. A little more respect on that front will go a long way with the gay God lovers. Witty responses aren't always a requirement. I mean....juno was just a character honey.

Of course, the poor picked on intersection between the sectarian and the queer.

Look, it's actually the faithful lbgtq folk who are the problem.  Not the gaythiests.

You're an idiot. You can still have your beliefs and she can have hers. That is why religion is so flawed and segregates people over thousands of years. Good luck with your commitment.

Its not about you dick.

Ellen is doing great for a newly out gay, she must just not try too hard to reply to all the gay bashers, haters are gonna hate. Don't waste your time on the haters, their ignorant and violent hearts need not take away from your truth. 

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