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First Look At Aaron Taylor-Johnson As Quicksilver

We nearly fainted when we learned that gorgeous Kick Ass star Aaron Taylor-Johnson wouldn't be ditching tight superhero clothing on the big screen anytime soon thanks to his new role as Quicksilver in Avengers 2. Today, we learn if we wasted our smelling salts as the first images of Aaron in Quicksilver drag hits the Internet. 

Turns out the pants are a little baggy for our superhero tastes, but Aaron fills 'em out nicely:

What do you think of Aaron's Quicksilver, Instincters?

(h/t: JustJared, ScreenCrush)


He's cool for the part, but that costume is horrible.

JUST SAY NO .. to the hair.  That is all.

I"m assuming he has a great body under that badly fitting outfit. Maybe there are better shots of him. 

aaron is so fine its just not right omg!!

I like this outfit.   It is not overdone, and doesn't distract from the character or make him look silly.   Later on, they could intergrate the pants with the top and make it all one piece and it would still look good if they didn't change the colors or add the white streaks to the bottom part.   

Better then haley berry as storm.......what a bad choice...... If her name is spelled wrong, I don't care. Oh and, I love his thick legs and rear, I like this choice as quicksilver.

I still most definitely would...

Costuming by this guy:

Better than Bryan Singer's Quicksilver but still way off the mark looks wise.

He definitely looks better than the X-Men:DOFP version. The important thing would be if he can actually play Pietro Maximoff. But with Joss Wheedon at the helm I'm not to worried.

Brad, you do know that Punk, in it's original form, used to be a slang term for a gay man. Also,, if anything, he looks more like a sportsman working out than a a punk/hoodlum/gangbanger. You're just slaggin him off because he doesn't fit what you want for quicksilver. Just stop with the rude judgementalism, it's needless and boring.

Wow - a judgemental post that attempts to call out someone else's alleged judgmentalism. I just love reading the comments here!

I'm well aware that by calling him out on his judgemental comments I was being judgemental. But really how else do you do it? Let it slide and folks think it's alright to be so...rude? Not cool. I abide by Wheaton's rule - Don't be a dick. Stating that someone is being judgemental because they're calling someone out for being judgemental isn't pointing out hypocrisy, it's just trying to make the person doing the calling out look like a fool. Being judgemental isn't a bad thing, we make judgement calls everyday. However, sometimes making a judgement call means that you have to do it to call someone out of their bad behaviour. By calling me out, it condones THEIR rude behaviour, and really what he said was weak, rude and wholly unnecessary. It was also a waste of energy. Have a nice day :)


Um... no.  He looks like a punk at the local mall.  :(

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