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Here's What President Obama Has Decided To Do About Uganda's "Jail The Gays" Law

The international LGBT community has been waiting with bated breath for the United State's response to the long-proposed "Jail The Gays" law officially materializing in Uganda. After devising the best financial blow to target Ugandan officials while leaving citizens unharmed, the White House announced on Monday the U.S.'s first wave of responses to "Jail the Gays."

BuzzFeed unpacks them:

Money will be shifted away from the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda, a group that has publicly come out in support of the anti-gay law and has received millions of dollars in grants from the United States to help fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Some $2.3 million will continue to go to the IRCU to continue treatment for some 50,000 current patients, but an additional $6.4 million intended for the IRCU will go to other organizations.

Second, because the law makes “promoting homosexuality” illegal, a U.S. funded study to help identify populations at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS has been suspended. The study, which was going to be conducted by a Ugandan university and the Center for Disease Control, has been suspended out of fear that both staff and survey respondents could be put in danger.

Third, because any LGBT person or LGBT ally who now enters Uganda is at risk, money intended for tourism programs will be redirected...

And finally, the Department of Defense had several events scheduled in the country later this spring and those will be moved to other locations. “Certain near-term invitational travel” for Ugandan military and police personnel has also been suspended or canceled.

These carefully designed measures avoid sanctions that would trickle down to those most in need and/or further twist the public's perception against their LGBT brothers and sisters. 

But is it enough?


The Obana Administration will due enough so that it seems as if they are taking a stand, just like they did when Russia passed their "propaganda " law, after all it is another country and the administration can always fall back on the concept of respecting the individual soveriengty of Uganda. Plus Obama is not running for reelection so how far out on that limb does he really need to go. he has nothing to gain & more to lose.

We send money because WE ARE AMERICA. We need other nations to remain stable. We need to reduce the effects and spread of epidemics. WE ARE A SUPER POWER!!

Phoenix you need to stop being so darn selfish. It is selfishness that made the world such a terrible place. Religious people are too selfish to allow other people their freedom. Gay people must suffer because of stubborn selfish people who cannot open their hearts and see how truly evil and selfish they are, worst of all they say they do it in the name of their god or gods. 

Karma will remind you of your sad opinions condoning murder. 

WTF?! Why the fuck are we giving money to other countries when we have our own to worry about?! We have starving children and Vets here. Parents and single people who NEED jobs! WTF are we sending money to these fucking twats for at all. They are NOT are concern! As a taxpayer, I'm outraged! This shit needs to stop, NOW!

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