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'Jem' Fans Complain About All-Male Film Production Team, Creator Christy Marx Speaks Out

We were all more than excited to hear that Jem and The Holograms was making its way to the big screen (actually still REALLY excited), but we'd be remiss if we didn't acknowledge some of the criticism that's already making its way around the interwebs--namely that as of now the project has no women involved and that includes Jem creator Christy Marx. (The trio currently at the helm of the project include director Jon M. Chu and producers Scooter Braun and Jason Blum.)

Let's be honest--Jem was "truly outrageous" because of the team behind-the-scenes and we'd love to see some of that spirit make its way into the big screen adaptation! 

So what does Christy Marx have to say about the newly announced film version of her baby? She opened up on Facebook; Marx says:

Not surprisingly, I’m being inundated with inquiries about the Jem movie. Here’s what I have to say about it.

I’ll answer the obvious and most frequent question first: No, I had no inkling that the movie was being developed or had reached this stage until a couple of days ago. Someone high in the Hasbro PR department thoughtfully reached out to me to let me know about the movie and the impending announcement so that I wouldn’t be blindsided by it. I appreciated that gesture.

That same afternoon, John Chu also reached out and called me and we had a long, wonderful talk. I greatly enjoyed talking with him, sharing our love of Jem, and becoming acquainted.

Many people wonder how I feel about it. I don’t think I can hide that I’m deeply unhappy about being shut out of the project. That no one in the entertainment arm of Hasbro wanted to talk to me, have me write for it, or at the very least consult on it. I wouldn’t be human if that failed to bother me.

My other unhappy observation is that I see two male producers, a male director and a male writer. Where is the female voice? Where is the female perspective? Where are the women?

Now, as far as not bringing me on-board, that’s the reality of franchise IPs. It’s their property, they can do whatever they want with it, and they have no obligations whatsoever to me. Was it a smart decision? You decide.

Finally, I want to say good things about John Chu. He treated me with honesty and respect. He is sincere, passionate, and filled with a desire to make the best Jem movie he can make. He wants to reinvent Jem for a current audience. His take is somewhat different from the approach I wanted to take, but that just means it’s different, not that there’s anything wrong with it. I urge everyone to judge the merits of his work on the result and I hope he delivers us an excellent, truly outrageous movie.

We think her statement's pretty classy. 

What do you think, Instincters? Should Marx be brought into the fold? Does Jem need a female perspective to succeed? (And who says it has to be just one?!)


(H/T: Daily Dot)


My biggest fear is that this movie won't have the same heart that the show had.  Already from the premise that was presented, my confidence isn't very high.  Who knows, it could be a great movie, but I think changing the motivation for Jerrica creating Jem and the Holograms is not a good idea.  This was a show where 4 female protagonists, SISTERS, used the technology that Mr. Benton created in order to save his record company (from Eric Ramond and the Misfits) and their mother's foster foundation, Starlight House.  Taking Jerrica and making her a fame-seeking teenager instead of a philanthropist business woman takes away SO MUCH from the original premise  (I mean, HELLO that's one hell of a role model for young girls, I should know since I was 5 when the show first came on), and that makes me extremely skeptical.

I think I'd be excited if Christy Marx were behind this. Without her, not so much.

Jem needs Christy Marx,and Anne Bryant not only because she created so much, but because it was about young women written by a woman.  I reallly hope the men working on this project consider that, and the men are needed because there were some men helping the Holograms.

Without Christy Marx, there would BE no Jem.  Hasbro basically showed her pics of the doll prototypes, told her their names, and said "Run with it."  And, run with it she did.  Synergy, Starlight House/Music, Eric Raymond....all HER ideas.  To NOT include her, to get her input, her ideas on how to update Jem for today....would be inexcusable.  I have been a loyal Jem fan since 1985, when she first hit TV (and store shelves).  To see Jem, a beloved franchise, turned into yet ANOTHER movie fiasco like another beloved Hasbro franchise was *coughG.I.Joecough*, would be....truly disgusting.  Truly, truly, truly disgusting.

Yes Christy Marx is the person who turned Jerrica , Kimber , Aja and Shana to Jerrica and Kimber Benton, Aja Leith , and Shana Elmsford. She gave Pizzazz, Roxy and Stormer their non stage names! She created Eric Raymond!! She literally wrote the Jem Bible which set the rules for the Jem universe and character interaction. She is desperately need if this movie has any hopes of being successful

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