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Steve Grand Hits The Home Stretch In Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign

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With four days left, Instinct Leading Man Steve Grand is in the final stretch of his Kickstarter campaign in support of his first full-length album, All-American Boy!

So far he's shattered all expectations having raised more than $255,000!! That's more than 3 times his original $81,000 goal! He's also got one of the Top 5 most funded Kickstarter music campaigns ever! 

Clearly the man's got some eager fans! 

As for that final stretch, Steve writes via his Kickstarter page:

Dear GrandFam:

Just 4 DAYS LEFT – can you believe it?!?!?!

You’ve blown me away with your generosity! You’ve also made it clear that you have HIGH EXPECTATIONS for what we’ll do with this album. You want our message of love and inclusion promoted to an even wider audience. You want to see this album compete on a playing field with artists backed by major labels. And you want to see us on tour in YOUR hometown.

Well, I’ve taken that to heart. And I’m up for it if you are!

Let’s end this campaign on an even higher note, with one final push! I’m asking all of you who have already supported this project so generously to...

It's the $5, $15, and $25 gifts that have gotten us this far. We are showing the world that our voices have power together!

Oh, and everybody who participates in this “Grand Finale” will get an “All-American Boy #GrandFam United” wristband to wear as a visible sign of our unity.

Nothing is more important to me than honoring the faith you’ve placed in me to make a great album. Right now I’m spending my days in LA recording studios, and my nights on a friend’s couch so I don’t have to spend money on hotels. When I get back to Chicago, I’ll be living in my parents’ basement instead of renewing the lease on my apartment. I want every penny you’ve given to go to this record. And I’ve lined up some of the best music promoters in the industry to make sure your investment in me pays off.

Let’s make this final week not just a grand finale, but a “GrandFam Finale.”

Nobody does it like you guys!

Love and hugs,


What do you think, Instincters? Should we give our All-American Boy one last big push?


Yes, I think so, too.

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too bad there is such a push to help make someone make a silly album but we arent helping fund actual things that mean something to others, like marriage equality, fighting aids, etc but we ask someone to give money for someone to sing. sad world we live in

Mike99, I'm sure that you have valid reasons for thinking that people are not helping fund more than one thing at a time, but I don't see how anyone could chide or complain that people are helping fund something that they would like to see happen. That line of thinking just does not make sense. The kid did a song and video that people really liked and they want to hear more from him.  What's the problem? Sometimes people can spend some of their money on something that makes THEM happy. Perhaps you should try it. It might put you in a better frame of mind. 

Stop being a pathetic little twat

if im pathetic for thinking giving someone money to make an album when there are so many whorthwhile causes out there, then so be it. or maybe, just maybe, you are a brainless ignorant cunt.  you donate and waste your money. and ill laugh and once again call you a brainless cunt when it bombs and you;re out money.

Oh dear SteveO.... which pretty boy has let you down before? I can vouch for young Mr Grand - he is what he says he is. Nothing fooling there.

Another pretty boy headed for the top.   He'll get there, he doesn't need my help.

I find this as a Very Good Marketing Strategy. ...Glad it worked for him.....NOW I am waiting for the "punch line" I AM NOT GAY....things that make u go HUMMMMM.....

United we can make equality happen!! Keep up the great work you are doing!! So proud and happy to be able to support you in this effort!!

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