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Hot British Celebs Join The "Cock In A Sock" Campaign

You can crowd a lot in a sock, which is why the British hunks and celebrities continue to stuff themselves into the "Cock In A Sock" testicular cancer awareness campaign. Our first round-up of activists came Monday, but the men are still arriving on social media thick and strong in what's become our favorite cancer-fighting technique to come from science yet. 

A few U.K. celebrities have jumped into a sock, too, including:

X-Factor finalist Lloyd Daniels

Reality TV personality/former model Calum Best (left)

And a few more notable civilians that caught our eye have joined since Monday, too:


Who's the guy with the backwards hat & Huge Willy ?

Who's Willy?

Makes your dick look bigger.

I fall in love with @charlieboy1985 I hope i can see you in person 

HAHA Too Funny!

It's different to see guys totally shaved, but this new generation of men are open minded to things and it makes the world a better place. So relax people its for a good cause and times change.

If you like hairy balls then take a pic and post it yourself.  Most people rather see a groomed crotch.   Plus who cares?  These guys are hot with or without pubes, get over it!

I don't understand it either. I'm gay and I enjoy the sight of a nude or nearly nude MAN, not a boy. Manscaping is one thing...but the shiny full monty is too much (plus, I like stubble only on a handsome face!)

Is there something going around the country stripping men of their pubes?  Every one of the blokes in these pics I've seen online over the past week has been as smooth as a 9 year old!

What's wrong with that?!?

Adults are meant to have pubic hair. Do you really want to look like a child from the waist down?

By your standards, men are "meant" to have facial hair, but it's very common for men to shave their faces. If you are built in such a way that body hair is the only thing that keeps you from "looking like a child from the waist down," then maybe don't shave it. Nude models for artists usually shave body hair, and they can do so without "looking like children" because bodies mature in other ways as well. If you don't want to feel pressured to shave, don't. Just like facial hair and head hair, trends exist in the world of body hair grooming, and people always have their own preferences.

If you're a grown man and you shave off your pubic hair, you deserve to be mocked and ridiculed like the vain pussy that you truly are. It's gross, and men need to be told. Pubic hair is designed to help protect the genitalia, and shaving or waxing down there can damage the skin.

Grow up. You seem like a cruel person for saying that people who do something that doesn't harm you or anyone else deserve to be mocked and ridiculed. Why can't you just have your own preferences, and then mind your own business?

Based on the images above, you're not even in the majority!

Please prince Harry make my day....

No Prince Charles 'Cock in a Sock' pic? 

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