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British Army Members Join "Cock In A Sock" Cancer Awareness Campaign

We've seen gorgeous civilians and hunky celebs stuff their junk in socks to spread testicular cancer awareness on social media. Now it's the British army's turn. A handful of submissions for the #cockinasock campaign have come from U.K. servicemembers, and the guys really put their hearts into the socks as well. 

Thanks to Gaily Grind, we now know what a muffled weapon looks like! 


this excellent sock thing was started on facebook by the HOT RED CHILI PEPPERS tribute to RHCP. Then after our post was barred by facebook two guys dean kehoe and james brown set up pages and it went mental! thanks to everyone taking part to raise awareness for this great cause :)

Top picture...3rd from the left...are his pubes shaved off? Look that way to me! I'd sure like to check it out in person!  :-)


You go Boys!!!  Good for you!!

God bless the UK!


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