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Meet The World's Hottest Subway Security Guard

We have BuzzFeed to thank for introducing us to quite possibly the world's hottest security guard! (And photographer Victor Calazans who snapped the first viral image of the stud!)

Meet Sao Paolo, Brazil subway security guard Guilherme Leão:

​We're trying to use our words here, people. 

The 22-year-old security guard is well aware of the power he holds (and also has no selfie-control):

We get it, boo.

If you need us, you'll find us in Brazil. We're never coming back.


(H/T: BuzzFeed)




Yummy yummy. Real cute Handsome guy. Nice one.

Id like to force phuck his fine ass, and watch my cum ooze outta his sorry ass!!

Handsome, alright! But... I think he's a ....

He's OK. There's a Brazilian guy in a uniform where I work.

So, honestly. Is there any place on the internet to have conversations with gay men that are better than this? If not, duh. We're the rich brainy ones.

Amen to that!

Damn! Im in love! Again!

aww.what a gorgeous face and you..Lol

I think I'm in love.

i love Brazilian man!

Great Body!

Dreaming of a Brazilian!

HOLY SHHHH*T!!! I was on that subway and I didn't see him!!!! :(

speechless i will see u when i get back...

He needs to sit on my face. Vigorously.

LMAO! I love this comment.. Right there with you!

Sizzzzzle!!!! I'm speechless. 

He is my friend, i can say that... we see each other

every day in my way to work....  long live Brazil LOL

Say my hi to him...Ask him to join Bollywood...He will be a success

really good man, really kind man, really good job. Goodlucks.

He is really, really, really hot!!! And if you could see his interviews here in Brazil, you would see that he is also really, really, really nice and polite!!! Cute!!! 

OMG...I wanna go to Brazil like NOW!!!!!!

This guy is hot but yes the guys in Madrid are omg.  Spanish men are just beautiful period!  

Bueno, no están en juego los profesionales de Madrid... entonces nos quedamos ahora solamente con los de Brasil! Tamos listos? 

Very sexy but it most countries, security and the police are very sexy and very fit as they have to pass fitness exams yearly.  Here in Madrid, 80 percent of them look like models.  I am always staring LOL

I've always enjoyed breaking the law in Madrid for that very reason.

Perfection in Action !       Arrest me !!!!

wow nice to see him i wish i could be there

Not surprising Brazil man are very hot and full of muscle. I do not know why that is!?

None of him on his bathers??

I would love to take him home and eat him....

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