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Marriage & Equality Issue: Instinct's Top 10 Favorite Proposal Videos From Same-Sex Couples!

With the arrival of our Marriage & Equality issue, it's official: love is in the air. So is spring and a nasty allergy season, which is fantastic timing as it'll afford an alternative explanation for the watered eyes and sniffles that are sure to accompany this round-up of Instinct's Top 10 favorite proposal videos from same-sex couples. After waiting so long for tolerance, recognition and equality, it's no wonder LGBT-identified individuals go all out when they propose to their partners. But which of the countless videos to go viral over the past several years melted our hearts faster than climate change itself? 

10. 99 Red Balloons

Harry proposes to Lance in NYC with the help of a flash mob at The Frying Pan



9. Seattle + The Washington Bus

Alissa rents a commuter bus to propose to Jeanne after beign accused of not being romantic enough



8. Burning Man Flash Mob 

Derek proposes to Robert at Burning Man



7. Frank Marino Gets Engaged On Stage

Las Vegas drag institution Frank Marino receives a marriage proposal from boyfriend Alex on stage



6. QVC On-Air Proposal

QVC host Will Gowing receives a marriage proposal from boyfriend Steve while on-air



5. Joseph and the Amazing Flash Mob Proposal 

Patrick proposes to Mike with help from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat cast



4. Outrageous Knight In Shining Armor Proposal

Michael makes us all weak in the knees when he dons a knight's suit to propose to Percy



3. Surprise Beachfront Proposal

Jeff proposes to Jeremiah while on a meticulously-planned Mexican vacation



2. Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal

Spencer surprises Dustin with a ring at Home Depot (and cements Betty Who as a pop star)



1. L.A. Street Party Proposal

Lucas and David's story didn't stop at their viral proposal video; as their story made headlines, Lucas' former bully reached out to apologize for years of torment. Love is the answer. 




So there you have it, Instincters, our Top 10 favorite proposal videos ranked! Which is your favorite?






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The home Depot

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I remember when Spencer's proposal video set in the Salt Lake City Home Depot went viral. Wow, that was wonderful.

Lucas and David was definitely my favorite. For me to be brought to tears is rare and this one did it, for sure.

 L.A. Street Party Proposal and Seattle + The Washington Bus!

I was in tears.  So happy for them. 

1-The home depot

2- the knight

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