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Mexican Grandmas Can't Keep Their Hands Off Hunky Shirtless Athlete In Hilarious New Commercial

We might not be able to quickly translate the words coming out their mouths, but the drool falling from the mouths of these abuelas speaks our kind of language. 

(h/t: Boy Culture)


Ok people, I've got to tell you something: this HUNKY BOY IS STRAIGHT, AND HE HAS GIRLFRIEND.

How do I know?

It's absolutely simple: He is mexican and He has great body. NO ONE MEXICAN MALE HUNK IS GAY.

That's true!

I know some Mexican honks.

But all they are straight. Did you know that?

obviously none of you have explore Mexico much


What a fuck are you saying? I LIVE IN MEXICO, I'M MEXICAN, SO DON'T SAY SILLY THINGS. 

You got that right! All the gay, and most of the straight mexicans too have a jelly-belly to just plain FAT!!

Oh my god, THAT IS MY FAVORITE DETERGENT! No joke. Unfortunately, I can't use it because they only sell it at Smart & Final where I live, and it's not HE safe! :(

Old people are not worthy of such attention. I mean who wants to view an ad with anyone over a certain age in it? I sure dont!

Great!   I love it!

Sorry manchadas refers to dirty whores since it bas a double meaning for the dirt of the stains

The chiqui-chiqui is the onomatopoeia for the sound of a squeaky bed while engaging in a sexual encounter. He literally says: para las muy manchadas el chiqui-chiqui. In slang it means, for thirsty whores just rub the soap on the cloth as the sound of the squeaky bed.

The host is eugenio derbez, a pseudo coemedian that entertains mexican low lifes and chicanos. Guess thats tbe only thing they both have in common... bad taste and tv fixation.

When he says 'verrrrrde' (green) in 0.16 he does it with double meaning (meaning 'verga' which means 'cock').

who is he?

A straight man.  OK? All the latin and mexican male hunks ARE STRAIGHT. I know because I'm mexican and I live in Mexico.

Get some new friends. Please do yourself a favor

Ha ha ha ha....You're very funny!!!.... DUMB ASS!!!

Mine.  He is Mine.

Lovelovelove!!! The women were funny too. Lol

we have this in Canada, but ill take the guy instead.

Viva Mexico!

Can we have an add like this in the uk please.

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