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"#TruvadaWhore" T-Shirts Sold For Charity By HIV Counselor

A San Francisco-based HIV-testing counselor is celebrating a controversial term to raise money to fight HIV/AIDS. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation's Adam Zebowski has started a Kickstarter-like fund for his AIDS/Lifecycle donations and offering his backers a t-shirt with "#TruvadaWhore" emblazoned on the front in return.

The term refers to an emerging perception in the gay community that HIV-negative men who take Truvada as a pre-exposure prophylactic against HIV before having sex are "whores." 

He writes on Ink Customized:

Be proud, you #TruvadaWhore. I support the #reappropriation of derogatory terms. I am against slut-shaming. I am pro health and wellness. I think PrEP is a great HIV prevention tool if it works for you. I am a #TruvadaWhore. $3.40 of each shirt will be donated on my behalf to my AIDS/Lifecycle fundraising goal of $3000.

What do you think of Adam's t-shirt, Instincters?

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Slow news day?

I doubt this shirt will be around long once the GILEAD lawyers get wind of his copyright infringement.

I like offensive T-shirts. I'd buy it, though I had never heard the phrase until now.

What idiot would buy that dumb t-shirt? Stop trying to make "truvada whore" a thing. Nobody is calling people that. 

Not gonna lie...I only ever hear about this Truvada - whore connection through LGBT websites.  I've never been around one person who actually says that. I think if media stops speaking about it...the connection will go away. 

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