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"#TruvadaWhore" T-Shirts Sold For Charity By HIV Counselor

A San Francisco-based HIV-testing counselor is celebrating a controversial term to raise money to fight HIV/AIDS. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation's Adam Zebowski has started a Kickstarter-like fund for his AIDS/Lifecycle donations and offering his backers a t-shirt with "#TruvadaWhore" emblazoned on the front in return.

The term refers to an emerging perception in the gay community that HIV-negative men who take Truvada as a pre-exposure prophylactic against HIV before having sex are "whores." 

He writes on Ink Customized:

Be proud, you #TruvadaWhore. I support the #reappropriation of derogatory terms. I am against slut-shaming. I am pro health and wellness. I think PrEP is a great HIV prevention tool if it works for you. I am a #TruvadaWhore. $3.40 of each shirt will be donated on my behalf to my AIDS/Lifecycle fundraising goal of $3000.

What do you think of Adam's t-shirt, Instincters?

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@kirk - so you say nobody is calling people that?  Well, try finding a doctor in the state of Delaware who will prescribe Truvada as PrEP...  Not even the ID docs here will help you if you're negative.  There's some sort of thought even among Doctors that if they give me PrEP I will start wantonly fucking every man in site without a condom.  Wtf is this?   It's been beyond frustrating and reminds me of parents refusing to talk to their kids about sex because they think it will make them go out and start having it.  Please - lets get our shit together.  It's been proven to help so what's the problem?  

Slow news day?

I doubt this shirt will be around long once the GILEAD lawyers get wind of his copyright infringement.

I like offensive T-shirts. I'd buy it, though I had never heard the phrase until now.

What idiot would buy that dumb t-shirt? Stop trying to make "truvada whore" a thing. Nobody is calling people that. 

Not gonna lie...I only ever hear about this Truvada - whore connection through LGBT websites.  I've never been around one person who actually says that. I think if media stops speaking about it...the connection will go away. 

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