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Anti-Gay 1930's Mickey Mouse Comic Makes The Rounds Online

Et tu, Mickey??

Though Disney is quite gay friendly these days (and seriously, we LOVE our Gay Days at Disney World and Disney Land), things weren't always so accepting at the house that Walt built. 

Check out this violently homophobic comic strip that showed up in 1931 (and is making its way around the interwebs now because that's how the internet works):

Cream-puff inhaler? We never expected that from Mickey!

Thankfully, Disney is much more enlightened and pro-gay these days--"Let It Go" from Frozen is basically a gay coming out anthem! 

Still, history stands. 


(H/T: The Gaily Grind



Hey, Mickey, fancy some of these nice blue nibbles? 

History, how funny.

I think you're barking up the wrong tree here. If anything Walt was very gay friendly for his time.

Well it was the 30's dah!

Nigel, you're working too hard to make something that wasn't there, "there." It's not that kind of humor that is taken "that way" today. You, in fact, are making a mountain out of a cream-puff.

Oh for....It was the 1930s!  That was how many DECADES ago?????  It's a sign of its time.

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