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Would You Wear It: Extreme Crop Tops For Men Coming Summer 2014

Thankfully we've been given a year's worth of advance warning so that we can arrange appointments with our Thai doc, have our mail forwarded to David Barton Gym and learn how to live on whiffs of evaporating ice and sunshine alone ahead of next summer's big gay trend: extreme pec-displaying halter tops. 

The New York Times writes about the new show stopper:

London designer Astrid Andersen has found a loophole to "No Shirt, No Service" caveats: a male crop top cropped so high, it also shows nipples...Hats (and shirts) off to Astrid Andersen's men's spring/summer 2014 collection for this valiant effort.

Though we wouldn't rock this look ourselves until our body fat percentage is in the "morbidly low" range, what do you think? Is this a good look for men?

(h/t: Towleroad)


I dont think so, i could wear this type of top, Its look fashionable but not for me. Bespoke shirts

Not a good look. However my car bumper could use a bra. This looks like it might fit.

it's not that i wouldn't love to wear the crop top, i don't have the pocket space to carry around the required baby oil to lube my tits and keg up  hats off to the men that can pull it off better than the guy on the runway

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