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Mississippi Swiftly Moves To Legalize "Gay Segregation"

Unfortunately, Tuesday night's late action in the Mississippi legislature were not punchlines from an April Fool's joke. Though the legislation appeared to be dead earlier in the legislative season it now appears that an Arizona-style "Gay Segregation" bill is on its way to becoming law in Mississippi after both the state House and Senate rushed the bill through by a wide margin last night. 

“This is a victory for the First Amendment and the right to live and work according to one’s conscience,” hate group leader Tony Perkins said about the vote. “This commonsense measure was a no-brainer for freedom, and like the federal [Religious Freedom Restoration Act], it simply bars government discrimination against religious exercise. The legislature gave strong approval to a bill that declares that individuals do not have to trade their religious freedom for entrance into public commerce.”

“We remain hopeful that courts throughout the state will reject any attempts to use religion to justify discrimination,” Jennifer Riley-Collins, executive director of Mississippi’s ACLU chapter, said in her own statement. “Nobody should be refused service because of who they are.”

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has promised to sign the bill into law, which will make Mississippi the first state to return to a Jim Crow-era of segregated society. 

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I guess I don't get it?   I don't know the specifics of this law, but let's look at the Arizona Law.  Are you all saying that People's freedom of religion is not valid anymore?   That it's not a constitutional amendment?   Let ask this.  If you want to have a Gay wedding and want to hire a Limo Driver or Photographer, who's an objector, someone that finds it morally wrong. (I'm not saying its wrong)  Why would you want them at your wedding if they don't want to be there?   Like wouldn't you be afraid of bad photos and a bumpy ride in the Limo?  Why must we force a person to attend an event that they don't want to be part of and if they don't attend it, we sue them?   I just don't get it?

What other business do you suppose ought to be able to deny service to gay people? Pharmacists? Gas stations? Hospitals? Where on earth would you draw the line, and using what criteria? To say nothing of the fact that Christianity is far from the only religion, and gays are far from the only people that could be discriminated against.

Let's be clear, this is a new complaint. A new, illogical claim of "religious freedom" that is a response to the momentum of marriage equality. It's a new way to fight now that they know the battle is mostly lost to them. Never before, in the decades and more that bakers, florists and photographers have been in business, has there been a need to "opt out" of selling their products and services. Were there never people getting married whose behavior didn't jibe with these businesses amazingly delicate religious sensibilities?  

you ask a great question.   I don't know the answer...but it should be at least considered.  all I'm saying is that there should at least be some sort of consideration.  Some shouldn't give up their rights so that other rights are accepted......where do we draw the line...should there be a "bright" line......we're suppose to respect diversity....where do we draw the line????  that's all I"m saying

I seriously don't understand how selling a service or product to someone indicates approval, endorsement or participation. Or how sellig that service or product could possibly violate ones religion. If it does? You really, really shouldn't be in that business.

I don't think it's about endorsement or simply is that don't want to be there, they don't want to be part of it, they think it's's their religion........I'm only raising the question?  I just get tired of seeing people be called "haters" and dismissed.  I think if someone has a religious belief, in in this case, we're speaking about Gay Marriage, that requiring them to participate (be that it's a service) isn't asking them to approve, what difference is it if they approve or not, we all lead our own life?   But forcing them into a business transaction when it's going to make them personally uncomfortable, being at an event that is defiling or debasing what they hold near and dear to their heart, serves no purpose other than forcing someone to do something they don't want to yourself power?  "If you don't perform the service, I'll sue you for discrimination" I'm not sure if I'm expressing myself here well.   Again, why would anyone want to hire someone who doesn't want to be there?  Why would you want someone to be part of your marriage ceremony (service provider) if they aren't supportive of it?  Something so personal?   I just don't get it?... 

The tea party and right wing repubs are attempting to create these kinds of laws all over the country. MS is not the first state, nor will it be the last where we'll see them try to bring hate to the dinner table.   I only hope the courts continue to strike these laws down as they happen!  Personally I'd like to see a million gay march on the MS coast for pride in June! 

Well... that is one state I will be marking off of my list to visit! I cannot BELIEVE that ANY group of sane people would VOTE TO ALLOW any type of segregation.

This is disgusting.

I can't imagine the federal government will allow this to remain.  if they do it will be just another area that will need to fight again for the freedom they deserve.  history seems to repeat itself when it comes to unfair treatment so it can repeat itself when it comes to fighting for freedom.

Give it to Cuba

Maybe Mississippi should succeed ​from the USA and become their own country- and let all the narrow minded, ignorant hate mongers and KKK white supremist racists move their.

It's all going to be under water in a few years any way.

I'm losing track of all the States that I will not have anything to do with. Generally, it appears that all the Southern Nig*** Haters now have someone else to hurt.

I feel bad for poor Wayne who has to keep defending his state. This is simply about close-minded people, and unfortunately Mississippi has been under this cloak of darkness for a long time. But, if states like Texas can come around, then anything is possible. :)

Ugh c'mon Instinct writers... Get your stuff together. It's very easy to double check who the governor of Mississippi is before clicking publish.

Mississippi has a reputation for being the most economically depressed, poorly educated, closed minded, bigoted people in the country. It's really no surprise.

Hey, not all we Mississippians are like what you describe!  We're just as embarrassed of the elected idiots too!   

I know, Wayne. I have relatives in Mississippi. I was referring to the state in general. Of course there are good hearted people there. I'm not exactly proud of some of the stupid Florida laws either. 

Mississippi Governor is not Jan Brewer, BTW.  It's Phil Bryant.

Is this supposed to be a surprise? Mississippi has plenty of nice thing about it, but if you're uncomfortable with the majority-rules decisions made there, leave... they're not going to tie you down and force you to stay... Lance Bass seems to think there's potential in Mississippi ;-)

Fuck 'em.  They're insane hicks.  

It's true that the further South you get the dumber it gets. Mississippi is the biggest burden to the US than any other state and contributes little.

Hey, not all we Mississippians are like what you describe!  We're just as embarrassed of the elected idiots too!   

Mississippi is the armpit of the country anyway.   Who wants to go there or live there?   Anyone who is gay should just move out, when they can afford it.   Boycott the state and everything in it.   (What is in Mississippi anyway?   Besides the gambling in Biloxi?)

Equating Mississippi to an armpit is a compliment.  It is more like a colostomy bag.

The Mississippi Gulf Coast is beautiful.  Hey, not all we Mississippians are like what you describe!  We're just as embarrassed of the elected idiots too!   

Jam Brewer is the Gov of Arizona

Phil Bryant is the Governor of Mississippi 

What is Mississippi doing hare?  It should be annexed to Russia.

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