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The Daily Show Profiles Christians Who Feel Bullied By Gays

One of NOM's favorite manufactured bumper sticker slogans has to do with the bullying of fundamentalist Christians at the hands of America's LGBT community. The Daily Show's Samantha Bee was sympathetic to the crusade, so she decided to shine a light on the outstanding bigotry and bullying that anti-gay Christians must endure in this country. 

Prepare to strum some violins:


Samantha Bee is so funny and right on.

Gays have been beaten, burned, and bullied for centuries, often by anti-gay Christians, and this continues to this very day.  A gay man was recently slaughtered here in New York.  Now that we are fighting back, these so-called Christians consider themselves to be the "victims".  Well, we are going to keep fighting until we are first-class citizens, just like them.

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