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Former O-Town Stud Ashley Parker Angel Posts Shirtless Pic

In case any of you were worried about the lone member of O-Town who isn't reuniting with the group, Ashley Parker Angel is happy ease your fears.

It appears that the former boy band stud has been hitting the gym--at least per this shirtless Instagram photo he posted!

Ashley writes: "Getting to the gym 5 days a week has been challenging but it's starting to pay off. #staymotivated"

Yep. Looks like Ashley's doing just fine.

Here are a few more pics from March:


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really, who cares?

He's cute, but why is this news?

Oh Town

To me, it looks like he has had some work done on his face.  

He hasnt had work done, you can just see more of it now that his hair is off his face. 

If you look at his cheeks, jaw and nose, you don't see anything unusual?   Really?


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