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Two Men Arrested In Uganda For Gay Sex

​This will never fail to be absurdly sad.

Two men were arrested for allegedly participating in consensual gay sex acts in Uganda. Homosexuality is punishable with up to life in prison in the nation. 

From NTV Uganda:

Two men suspected of engaging in homosexuality acts have been arrested in Oyam. Oyam District Police Commander, Najibu Waiswa says 22-year-old Maurice Okello and his alleged partner, 18-year-old Anthony Oluku were caught red handed. Police claims the two admitted to having been involved in acts of homosexuality.

Waiswa tells NTV: "The doctor proved beyond doubt that they have been practicing it for long because even they had scars."

Here's video of their arrests:


(H/T: Towleroad)


"Proven beyond a doubt because they have scars".... It's amazing how many gay sex "medical experts" they have in places where homosexuality is "imported" "nonexistent" or illegal...
More and more victims every day

Are these people stupid or what this brutality must be stopped why can't the world impose tough sanctions on this government stop this barbaric acts 

This has to be stopped. 

First time that I have ever heard of having scars from gay sex! Unless they were into sado-masochism.

I've heard of scarring. Sometimes when it's a big one and they force it in..... Yeah.... It happens. So I've heard.   

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