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Audio: Secret Recordings Released Of Texas Councilwoman's Homophobic Rant

A secret recording of a meeting in the city hall office of San Antonio councilwoman Elisa Chan was quite revealing--not only because it showcases Chan and many of her staff members in all of their bigoted, homophobic glory, but it also makes it pretty clear that they're idiots. 

28-year-old aide James Stevens released the recording, which took place during a discussion of an upcoming non-discrimination ordinance. (Ha!)

Chan can be heard stating that she doesn't "buy" how people can be born gay; she also denounces gay adoption. 

Her rocket scientist staff members also discuss how same-sex marriage will inevitably lead to the legalization of incest and bestiality and how there's no evolutionary purpose for homosexuality. 

For his part, Stevens doesn't regret leaking the recording. He tells Huff Po:

"The response has been overwhelming positive. I've seen a few comments to the effect of... she shouldn't have been secretly recorded, but those are outliers. The vast majority of the responses have been positive. And I think people appreciate [getting] a glimpse inside her City Hall office while she's strategizing how to oppose this ordinance."

"I think it's significant," he continued. "There's been a lot of misdirection from folks on why they oppose this ordinance. Some people are saying it's going to endanger women and little girls in bathrooms because transgender males will be able to go in there ... this, I think, shows that misdirection reached to the council level."


What do you think of the recording and Stevens' decision to release them? Surprised by anything you heard??


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Here is a NM City Council Meeting dealing horribly with an upcoming Gay Pride Parade

Elisa chan and her staff need a long long course of up to date education. They seem to be living in the dark ages and putting forward outdated and misguided opinions with little to no basis in fact. If these are the people running Texas and influencing policy then I weep for the future of the lone star state.

Check out all the comments on Madame Chan's Facebook page... She's getting the backdraft of hatred and bigotry she so rightly deserves!

Seems like she shouldn't secretly be a Nazi.

It just shows you that ignorance is everywhere - and I agree with Joe regarding minorities being so bigoted - and the staff are making fun of gays and transgender - wow.

You'd think minorities would know better than to be homophobic; given they are usually discriminated against, themselves. NOPE! sad little human.

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