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Denmark Threatens Russia Over Anti-Gay Law

The Danish government has had it with Russia's hostility toward its LGBT citizens and has sent a warning to the anti-gay country's leadership.

PinkNews has the story:

Denmark’s Foreign Minister, Villy Søvndal warned Russia they would raise the issue at the European Council and potentially take the issue to the United Nations should Russia continue down its current path. He said: “The law is objectionable. It risks fostering discrimination and the abuse of minorities in Russian society – something we have already seen examples of, and to which the law gives the stamp of approval. We will hold Russia to its international obligations.”

Crown Prince of Denmark, Prince Frederik who is the Olympic Committee’s representative for Denmark has also added his voice to the debate and warned Russia that they are acting contrary to the Olympic Charter and Russia must not partake in discrimination against any minority group.


Bravo to Denmark for showing the world what leadership is all about. The US, UK, Canada and other countries, who may see themselves in leadership roles, should try it.

Then he should write the same letter to all muslim states but I bet he would not dare because those countries are not civilized and would act like the imbeciles they are.

They are not hosting the International Winter Olympics, Russia is.

And what about the muslim countries, and the muslim citizens who believe in charia law, who claim death is the answer to homosexuals?

Why is anybody who does one good thing always criticized for not also doing another good thing?

Put out Putin

Before rushing into myriad boycotts and social media activism, consider the long term, and how your choices might affect Russian LGBT citizens. I'm worried about hurried, emotive reactions that fail to take into account a Russian socio-political context and that fail to incorporate LGBT Russian voices (which are not in agreement about what to do).

This matter calls for an international boycott.  Spread the word - no one tune in any events via radio, television, satellite, or any other broadcast method.  Spread the word - no one buy any product of an advertiser for the Olympics in Russia. Spread the word - contact your national Olympic committee and demand that your national team boycott the Russia event.

Spread the word - say NO to homophobia!

Perhaps it is worth asking LGBTQ organisations what type and nature of support they would like before commanding others what to do. Already many have appealed for an end to the boycott of "Russian" vodka, which is actually made in Georgia. It's not for anyone but the people directly affected by these laws how best to tackle them, THAT is solidarity.

Very proud of them. That's what a country who puts its citizens first before any monetarily interest. Bravo. 

At last a country has representatives taking a stand on the anti-LGBT laws that are in place in Russia. Let us hope that others follow and stop sitting back impotently. Has Denmark become the only country that can give it's LGBT citizens a way to believe that their voice is heard. Feeling ignored in the UK and we seemingly have a government that is either doing nothing or little. We wish to stand by the decision made in Denmark to do something and we wish you every success.

Agreed, the UK is doing nothing to stand against this, our government would rather put tail between legs and hide, though this doesn't surprise me with our current leaders. Denmark is demonstrating what we really need, a thought for humanity. They are demonstrating, and voicing serious concern over the horrific situation in Russia. Many other countries, including UK are too worried about money, oil, and aggravating the Russians. History has taught us that when matters like this go ignored (or rather when we turn a blind eye to them), terrible things happen, and this is already happening right now, in this day and age. We should really follow Denmark's example, and stand up to this injustice.

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